Monday, March 20, 2017

Review: Heartfire by Kate A. Boorman

Oh, how I wish I could have loved this final book. But sadly, I did not. I even liked it less than book one and two. Which is why I have to give this one a one star. Ugh. So disappointed. And so sad too. I had such high hopes for this trilogy. I really thought I would love them all. Instead I disliked every one of them. Sniffs.

I don't even know where to start. It is not that I hated this book like crazy. Because I didn't. I simply felt nothing. And that isn't a good thing. I grew to dislike the writing a whole bunch. It just got worse and worse. How Emmeline describes things. And how she thinks. It just bothered me so much. And that makes me so sad.

I wish I could say that Emmeline was better in this third book. But she wasn't. For me, she was even more selfish and even more boring. Simply cared nothing for her. She felt so false to me. Like how she starts caring for a horse and a dog in this book. Yet I did not at all feel that she loved either of them. I felt that Emmeline was just cold. All the time. She thinks about feeling such a fierce love and whatever. But I didn't get that feeling for her at all. And her relationship with Kane. Haha. I don't get this romance at all. They never talk. They never do anything together. Yet they are deeply in love. Hah. Such a silly romance. And Emmeline doesn't get anything that Kane feels at all. She is so selfish. They don't talk about things. She doesn't. He doesn't. It was annoying.

Oh, and there are love triangle hints in this book. Ugh. There isn't a real triangle. But there is a girl that, to Emmeline, is crazy about Kane. And Emmeline is full of jealousy and rage and it was so incredible silly. There was lots of drama between her and Kane too. Silly drama. This whole book was just silly. I found all the friendships to be silly too. And cheesy. I didn't get these relationships at all. I so didn't get why any of them were friends. Or why they seemed to love each other so much. Ugh. Just, so disappointing. All of it.

There was one character I would have liked to read more about. Charlie. Who was supposed to seem like such an awful person. Because he tried to kidnap Matisa, a girl he didn't know at all, to be able to save his very pregnant sister and his younger brother. Because of this, Emmeline hates him, and leaves him to die in book two. For real. This girl was the most horrible person. Charlie was the most interesting person and he did the right thing for his family. He was a kind boy. I only wish there had been more of him. Ugh.

Wishing I could say that the plot was exciting. But it wasn't. I suppose that some will find it full of exciting stuff. But I didn't. I didn't care about a single thing. It all just felt silly to me. Probably because of how I did not like Emmeline at all. Sigh. I felt like they all acted weirdly. I was sort of curious about the sickness in the water. But didn't like their name for it. Or how they went about it all. So I wasn't that interested in all of it. Most of this book is just about them trying to figure out the cure, and fighting. It became so, so boring.

I don't really know what to say about this book. So I'm not going to write more. I didn't find it interesting or exciting. I didn't care for any of the characters. I didn't care for the romance at all. It was just so silly. No heat. No feelings. No talking. So annoying. I am glad I tried reading all three books, though, I'm proud of myself for not quitting, lol. They are such stunning covers. And the author is lovely. But these books were not for me at all. Curious to know what others think of them all, though. I'm glad to be finished with them.


  1. Wow, this book sounds downright terrible. I'm going to stay away from this series. I hope your next read will be much better and more enjoyable :)

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

  2. Ick. This series seems to have gotten worse for you, C. Sorry it didn't work out.

  3. Sorry to hear you didn't like the ending of this series. That's a bummer. Hope you like your next read much better, Carina! :)


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