Monday, March 13, 2017

Review: Fire by Kristin Cashore

My love for this book is endless. My gosh, how I loved to finally re-read it, this time for the fourth time. I love this book more than I can say. Graceling is still my favorite, most likely, but Fire is just incredible. Everything about this book is special. I am so thrilled that I finally read it again. Sigh. It has a special place in my heart.

There is so much I love about this book. I don't know where to begin. I won't talk too much about it. Probably. It has been over three years since I last wrote about this stunning book. Sigh. I just love it to pieces. Such stunning writing. I love every word of this book. And oh gosh, that cover is beyond stunning. I love it.

Fire is not a sequel to Graceling. Aw. Which still breaks my heart, because I need more of Po and Katsa. But my gosh, this book is amazing. It takes place so many years before Graceling. And in an entirely different place. Okay, just over the mountains, but still. It's different. The Dells is an amazing place to get to know. It's a beautiful land. There are so many interesting people. And there are monsters. Colorful monsters. And hungry monsters. It was all kinds of exciting to read about. I just love the plot in this book so much. Eee. There is so much happening at all times and I love it so much. All the characters are amazing to read about. I love all the friendships so much. I loved all the monsters. And the places too. There are so, so many gorgeous things in this one.

This book tells the story of Fire. She is seventeen years old and she is the most beautiful person. But she's a monster. A human monster. And oh gosh, I loved reading about that so much. There is so much to know about her. About what she is. How awful men behave when they look at how beautiful she is. Shudders. But Fire is strong. She's so strong and kind and lovely and fierce and I loved her the most. I loved her horse, Small. I loved her music. I loved her mind powers. And I loved everything about this girl.

Then there was Brigan. I loved him beyond words. He is a bit brutal at first, but he gets so much better, and I loved getting to know him. Sniffs. He is the sweetest man. I love him so much. While the romance takes some time to happen, it was the best thing for me. I loved reading about them together. How they slowly became friends and then more. How they are with each other. How much they care. It is just the sweetest thing. I simply want to read more and more about them. I want another story of them one day.

So much happens in this book. I'm not going to talk much about the plot. Just that there is so very much happening. There is a big war. And Fire has to help in it. And I loved how she helped with it. Sigh. There is a lot of heartbreak. And it just about murdered me all over again. So sad. So perfect. I was a bit angry at Fire near the end, for the distance she kept, but I understood her too, but gosh, that broke my heart a bit. There is just so much I love about this book. I'm not going to mention all the reasons. Just, perfection.

There are so so many characters in this book. I'm not going to mention everyone. But oh, how I so loved reading about them. The royal twins. They are amazing. And the small princess. She had my heart at all times. I loved so many of them. But ah, Archer. I noticed this time while reading that I hate him a lot. Yet I love him too, at times, because Fire loves him so much. But, truly, he was an awful guy. He was jealous and violent at times. He slept with everyone. He wasn't a very nice man. Only sometimes a good friend.

I love that this book is not afraid of sex. There aren't much details, but there is a lot of it happening in the book. And a lot of the book focus on when Fire gets her period. And I loved that too. This book is just so perfect. It has everything. And I couldn't have loved it more. Eee. I cannot wait to read Bitterblue again next. Though the action is a whole lot less. But the story is just as amazing even so. I simply love these three books so much and oh, how I wish for there to be more books coming. I'm crossing all my fingers.

There is one thing about this book that makes me a bit sad. That there isn't more details in the romance. I love the romance between Fire and Brigan more than I can say. But I wish there had been more details in it. I wanted their first kiss to be written a whole lot better. I didn't really feel the passion, which depresses me a bit, but still. I ship this couple much more than other couples. I so love reading about them together. But yeah, I do wish the romance had been written a bit more. Wanted more details. But it was amazing.

Fire is such a stunning book. I love it more than I can say. If you have read Graceling, but still not read Fire, then you are awful. Because Fire is not a book to miss out on. It's perfection. And everyone must read it. But do read Graceling first, if you haven't. Because while this book is not a sequel, it is a series, and they must be read in order to fully understand everything about the story. At least that is how I see it. I just, gosh. Fire is one of the best books. My second favorite. I love it so incredibly much. It is perfection.


  1. I see you're rereading this series again. Are you gearing up for Kristin Cashore's latest?

  2. Well, this one is *my* favorite. :D I do love Graceling a lot too though. I feel like I have this book memorized! My hardcover is struggling, after all of the rereads I've done. I definitely want to do an entire series reread (and finally read Bitterblue) before Jane, Unlimited publishes. Plenty of time, right? :D Excellent review, Carina!

    Have a great week. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

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