Saturday, March 25, 2017

Review: The Dragon's Price by Bethany Wiggins

My love for this book surprised me. I was lucky enough to get an ARC of it, otherwise I would not have read this one, which would have been awful. I had seen others enjoying it. Yet because of this cover I never thought to try the book. But then I got it in the mail, and I had to try it. And gosh, how much I loved this story.

I'm so glad I got this ARC. So glad I was able to read this book. Because I enjoyed it so much and I'm so happy that I have read it. Eee. I didn't really think that I would love this. I hoped I would enjoy it, but didn't think I would like it that much. I'm so so glad I was wrong. I liked the writing right away, which was awesome.

Gosh, how am I supposed to wait until next year for book two? That's going to be torture. Because the ending for this book was pretty evil and heartbreaking and I need to know what happens next so badly. Ugh. Okay, the ending wasn't that bad, but it was still so rude, and I need the next book right away. Hmph. There is just so much about this book that I enjoyed. Eee. The writing was just perfect. and the characters were so so amazing. Oh, how I loved reading about them all. They were all written so well. And I loved that. So thrilled that I loved this main girl so much. Sorrowlynn was amazing. Fierce and brave yet so gentle and scared too. Adored her. Her father and mother were the worst parents ever. But I liked the small glimpse of her three older sisters.

Getting to know Sorrowlynn was the best thing. I loved everything that I learned about her. She's just the best. The plot in this book is about these two kingdoms that have had this deal for so many years to keep a dragon safely locked up. Because of this deal, Sorrowlynn has to marry someone from this other place. Or get fed to the dragon, if she refuses. Which was so interesting to read about. I loved how Sorrowlynn worked through it all, trying to decide what she should do. She really, really did not want to get married.

But then she meets one of the princes from this other place. And she likes him right away. And oh, I liked their first meeting a lot. They just clicked right away and it was awesome and a bit hilarious too. So cute. But Sorrowlynn still doesn't want to get married, because she thinks she has to marry his very much older brother. And so she says she's choosing the dragon. Until the boy, Golmarr, says he chooses her. And she agrees to marry him. Except, she has already chosen the dragon without knowing it. So complicated.

Which begins this amazing story. Sorrowlynn gets fed to the dragon in the mountain. And Golmarr climbs down after her, hoping to protect her, and get them both out of the mountain. Which just begins the most awesome story. I loved how Sorrowlynn and Golmarr worked together. How he teached her stuff about surviving. How they quickly grew to be friends, then more. The romance do happen a bit fast, but I loved it beyond words. It moved just fast enough. And it was so glorious. I wanted more, lol. Stunning romance.

There is just so much happening. I'm not going to describe all of it. Yet I must talk about a few moments. Like, there are dragons in this book. And gosh, they are dark and vicious and I loved reading about them. There is this pretty brutal scene happening inside the mountain with one dragon and Sorrowlynn which broke my heart a little with how brutal it was. A bit too much, yet so perfect too, and I liked those scenes a lot. Especially how Sorrowlynn changed after that. What she got from the dragon. Ahh. So, so interesting.

Not going to say anything more about that. Just that it is all kinds of exciting and different and I loved it beyond words. I need to know more about it all. I need to know what happens next. And oh, the romance. I adored Sorrowlynn and Golmarr together. They were so perfect. Sniffs. Stunning romance. Only wished there had been a bit more heat, though. But still, so lovely. There was this girl near the end of the book, and oh, how I hope she and Sorrowlynn becomes friends in book two. I think I can see it happening, lol.

I'm pretty sure that I'm giving this book five stars. I was a bit unsure in the beginning, because I worried a bit, but then it just kept getting better and better and I ended up enjoying this book so much. I'm giving it five stars because I loved it. I loved every part of it. I loved the story. I loved the characters so much. And the romance was the most perfect thing. I even loved that evil ending. I don't think there will be drama in book two, which I love even more. There was just nothing I disliked about this one. Eee. I loved it tons.

If you haven't read this book yet, you really must. Because behind this not so pretty cover, lol, there is an amazing story. The best romance. Brutal dragons. This book was just so awesome. I loved The Dragon's Price beyond words. The romance is incredible. The story is exciting, interesting and everything I wanted. I cannot wait to read the next books. Eee. They are going to be amazing. Just wish I didn't have to wait so long. Huge thank you to the publisher for sending me this ARC to review while I was in Chicago. <3

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  1. Yeah, that is an unfortunate cover. But hey, at least the content was infinitely better!


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