Saturday, August 6, 2016

In My Mailbox #249

I did not get many books in the mail this week. Aw. But more next week, lol :D But even so, I got some gorgeous mail. <3 And I love it all. I'm still behind on commenting, which sucks, but I just haven't felt up to it yet. Aw. But getting to it soon, I hope :) I'm unsure if I feel better yet after getting my medicine this week. Ack. But hoping that will start feeling better soonish. So far not doing pretty good. Sigh. I haven't read anything yet after finishing the four The School for Good and Evil books. <3 They are huge favorites of mine. Planning on reading The Dark Days Club next, though :) Hoping to enjoy it. I blogged a bit this week :D I posted my book recommendation of The Last Ever After. <3 I posted my review of The Ever Never Handbook :D I shared a Launch Day post for United. <3 This week I'm waiting on 100 Hours :) My newest Book Collection are books by the lovely Beth Revis. <3 Next week I hope to comment and read.

Zootopia. One more of these gorgeous looking books :D Gosh, I adore this movie so much. The cutest.
Frozen Fever. I couldn't not buy this cute little book. That cover is awesome, and I adore this short movie.
Cinder. When I saw this new German(?) version on bookdepo, I just had to buy it :D It's so so pretty.
Tsum-Tsum Erasers. I couldn't help but buy these cuties. You can't see them well, but they are adorable.
Secret Life of Pets. Cute cat figure :D I adore her. And a different version of that cute dog plush. Love.
Ty Plush. I found this gorgeous new Ty plush that is like a tsum-tsum. Now I need them all. Beyond cute.
Pop. More of these gorgeous things :D My big Game of Thrones dragon is finally here :D So gorgeous.

Long May She Reign. When I saw this one on Edelweiss, I couldn't help but get it. It sounds pretty great.
The Possibility of Somewhere. I thought this sounded cute; I'm so excited to take part in the blog tour.
The Dead Boyfriend + The Memory of Things. Thank you St. Martin's Press for these via Netgalley. <3 I, well, to be honest, I had requested them because I wanted the print ARCs, lol, but not getting those. So I shall try my best to read the eARCs :D They do sound pretty interesting. Fingers crossed they are good.

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  1. Your haul's still pretty great, despite it being small. :) Happy reading, C!

  2. A smallest haul but pretty good nonetheless!
    I hope you'll start feeling better soon!

  3. Love book haul :-) Love the cover on Long May She Reign, beautiful ;-)

  4. The Possibility of Somewhere is a book I have seen is getting some good reviews, so I hope you'll be able to enjoy reading this one! And feel better soon :)


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