Monday, August 29, 2016

Cover Reveal: The Thickety: The Last Spell by J. A. White

Oh gosh, I love this series so much. And the cover for this final book is beyond gorgeous. I'm in love with it. So pretty :D I love all the colors for these covers. And all the artwork. Swoon. So much gorgeous. This is book four in this stunning middle grade series. And also the last book. Sad face. I want more. I have loved reading these amazing books. I have even read book one three times, lol. And will read it a fourth time before reading this final book :D Eee. I'm so excited. I just love this story so much. And the writing. And all the characters. And ahh. I cannot wait to read this pretty :D Crossing all my fingers that I will manage to find the ARC. <3 But if not, I cannot wait to get my hardcover of it in April :D If you haven't read The Thickety books yet, then you must get started. Now. They are all amazing. I love them so much.

The spellbinding conclusion to the critically acclaimed Thickety series. In The Thickety #4: The Last Spell, Kara and her brother Taff must find the hidden pieces of Princess Evangeline’s grimoire to defeat Rygoth and her army of witches in one last good versus evil battle.

Kara and Taff have discovered that the Spider Queen is searching for Princess Evangeline’s grimoire, the Vukera. Legends say that any witch who wields its dangerous magic would be indestructible. Kara and Taff have to stop the Spider Queen from finding the ancient weapon—and destroying everything.

They will travel through time with an old enemy, come face-to-face with the creatures that guard the grimoire’s pages, and unravel a king’s dangerous secret, before one final battle against the Spider Queen. But can Kara save the people she loves and cast a spell that could change magic forever?


  1. Ooooh, another gorgeous cover! This series has really lovely covers all of them!

  2. One of your favourite series! Thanks for sharing, C.

  3. Well that is NEAT! I love the red, as opposed to the green, blue, and tan of the other covers! But I also like that the thickets/vines are consistently on all of the covers. These are great!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  4. Very pretty cover and I like that they all match. Hope you get your hands on a copy soon, Carina! :)

  5. When was this book released? P.S. I LOVE THE THICKETY SERIES TO DEATH

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