Friday, August 26, 2016

Book Collection #26

26th week of my new Book Collection posts. I will be doing this every Friday. And I am loving it. I own so many amazing books, and I love that I get to share my collection of many of them. I will be posting all my collections randomly, but I love them all. I hope you will all enjoy these posts of mine. Would love to know if you have any collections like mine; if you own and love these books too. Let me know. I love my books.

Books by Michelle Hodkin.

I love this collection of mine. Eee. I simply adore these books. Okay, fine, I haven't yet read the third one. Ack. I'm not sure why. I loved book one and two oh so much. I just haven't had the time yet. Because I need to re-read the first two books first. Which I'm super excited about. I will get it done soon. But yeah. These books are beyond gorgeous. And I love the story. And the characters. And oh gosh, I own a bunch of these signed. Eee. Just missing book three personalized to me. And, uhm, I have four copies of book one personalized to me. Heh. One is my precious ARC. One is a paperback. And two hardcovers. One ordered, and the other because I met Michelle in Orlando years back. Ack. She's awesome. I just adore these books. Wait. I just looked at my reviews of the first two books. And it has been four whole years since I read them. Oh gosh. Yeah. I must re-read them very soon. I cannot wait to do that. So excited.


  1. I still haven't started this series but the covers are really lovely!

  2. This is my favorite series. And book boyfriend. Michelle is the only author that I completely lose my shit over. I hope you enjoy Retribution!!

  3. I still need to read this series! Gorgeous!


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