Monday, March 14, 2016

Review: Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

I have waited so long for this book. I have adored Cassie for years now. And her books are all amazing. I'm so glad I finally got to read this precious book, after waiting so long. I will admit that it is my favorite of her books, and I loved it so, so much. Such beautiful writing. Such amazing characters. The very best.

I always knew I would end up loving Julian and Emma the most. And I'm thrilled that I did so. Eee. This book was everything I wanted it to be. Though that ending was the meanest thing in the world and I am not very forgiving. What I fear will happen, better not happen in the second book. I will not allow it. Never.

Besides that, I loved this book so much. It was simply perfect. I'm just trying to get my thoughts together. As I loved it so, and I'm not fully sure how to share it all. Ack. It is difficult. Because I want to share all spoilery things. I won't. Just obvious ones. But even so, there is so much I wish to write about. There was so much I loved. So much that broke my heart. I just cannot with this book. It broke my heart at the end. But it was so good. The whole book was amazing. I'm not forgiving the ending, though I sort of got it, but at the same time, I didn't understand it at all. How Emma could do that. I support protecting the person you love. Maybe hurting him. But betraying him in that way? I don't approve. At all. It just. Please. Do not let it happen.

Anyway. I adore that this book was told mostly from the point of view of Julian and Emma. They are amazing. And getting to know them was the best. Sigh. I'm so glad I had read City of Heavenly Fire ages back, because I got to know them a bit back then too. They are the most adorable characters. I love how Emma wants revenge over her dead parents. But it isn't the only thing in her life. I love how she cares about the Blackthorns. I wanted her to get revenge too. And I liked reading about how she researched it.

My biggest love, though, is Julian. I cannot with this boy. He is the strongest person. And so broken at times. My heart was hurting for him all the time. Sad face. Julian has been taking care of his younger siblings since he was twelve. Ty and Livvy and Dru and Tavvy. I adored these children the most. They were all special and sweet and I loved them. But I hated that Julian grew up as their dad. No one helped him with them, except for Emma. He does every single thing. And it hurts my heart so much. Ahh. Help.

Julian loves his siblings the very most. He would die for them. But I also know that it is killing him a bit, all this responsibility. If only he could, for once, just be Julian, without having to take care of anyone. Sigh. He has Emma, of course, his parabatai. And they are the very best of friends. Their relationship was the best to me. I loved how they fought together. I loved how they cared for each other. I loved how close they were. Sigh. But yeah. I wanted Julian to not have to take care of everything. Sniffs. My heart.

There are also a whole bunch of other characters in this book. Like Cristina, the best friend of Emma, though they have only know each other for two months. Oh, I adored this girl. She was such an amazing friend and person and I loved getting to know her the very most. Though she still has some secrets, I think. I can't wait to know more about her. And her ex, Perfect Diego. Ah. I actually think I liked him a lot. And I ship them together. But even so, I'm mad at him. And I'm not sure how to feel about it all.

Then there is Mark. Sigh. I cannot. I'm unsure about what to say. He has been in the Wild Hunt for five years. They now have him back, maybe for just three weeks. It hurts Julian a lot. And I hated hated hated that. I wanted Mark to be stronger. But I also adored him so much. How he was a bit broken. I loved getting to know what he had done while part of the hunt. I loved reading about his relationship with Kieran. Theirs was the sweetest romance. And I ship them so much. I want them together. Badly.

I'm not sure how to describe this book. I loved the writing so much. And all the characters were so good to read about. I loved them all. Well, hated a few awful ones, but still. I liked reading about all of them. My favorite chapter from the book was All the Night-Tide, chapter eighteen. It was steamy. It was simply everything I wanted. It ended a bit mean, but I loved it the most. And I love that it was Cassie's favorite too. Sigh. And hopefully not because of how it ended, lol. But yeah. It was my favorite part of the book.

Anyway. Back to the plot. This is the story of Emma and Julian. Of them being parabatai. Of them starting to fall in love with each other. And oh my god, it must be my favorite romance, maybe. It was perfect. But sad. Because parabatai can not fall in love. And there is a law about it. Emma learns the truth at the end of the book. Which she doesn't share with Julian. I am not pleased with her. I hate secrets. Hmph. Anyway. Emma and Julian are the sweetest. Ship them the most. They just fit together.

They are Shadowhunters. So there is a lot of fighting and trying to save people. It was awesome, as always, with Cassie's books. There is a plot thing too, which I'm just not going to talk about. It was awesome. There are betrayals. It was so interesting to read about. Especially since I didn't guess the bad guy at all, lol. Loved it. But yeah. I want Emma and Julian to happen the most. And the endng of this book wrecked my heart. It better end up okay. I know, probably not, but I want a happy ending :)

Lady Midnight was everything I wanted and more. It was written so well. The characters were all very amazing. So broken and perfect and fun. The romance could not have been better. I just loved this book so much. I cannot wait to read it again. Just wish I didn't have to wait so long for book two. Sigh. I will love it the most, I'm sure of it. Just worried. We see a bit of old characters too, which I adored. But mostly Emma and Julian. Which was perfect. Also, I'm wanting that ARC box so, so badly. Need it.


  1. So glad you liked this one the best. I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't started this series. Maybe I should.

  2. Ahhh. I can't wait to read this book! I'm so happy you loved it, C. I can't wait to read about these kids. :)

  3. You know, I've never read this series or anything by Clare before. But your review and enthusiasm for this one actually made me put down what I was reading and start this one! :D I'm loving the writing and characters so far! I'm glad you loved it so much!

  4. Great review! I am so glad you loved this one too!!!


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