Saturday, March 12, 2016

In My Mailbox #228

I'm in a reading slump. And it is the worst. Ugh. I just cannot pick up a book lately. I want to read, but I don't want to read at the same time. I'm reading Lady Midnight next, just nervous to start it, as peeking at the ending broke me. Ugh. But I'm starting it today. I hope. I just never have the time. Sigh. And also feeling a bit dead lately. Body hurts all over. Hope the medicine I got this week will start working. Fingers crossed. Also busy re-watching the Marvel movies with my sister and my 6 year old nephew, his first time. Though he can't read the text, and he doesn't speak english. Sigh. But he loves them even so, and he adores all the lego. So anyway. I do love watching them all again :) But yeah. Behind on reading. Hoping it will pass. Anyway. I did get some pretty mail this week :D Love it all so much. And I spent way too much money that I do not have. Sigh. But wanted that lego. <3 And bought a back massage thingy that I wanted. Hope it will make me feel better. I also blogged a bit this week :) I posted a DNF review of The Crown's Game. I shared the gorgeous cover for Yesternight. <3 Posted a mini review for Iron to Iron :) This week I'm waiting on The Hidden Oracle. And posted another Book Collection :D This time books by Marissa Meyer. <3 My week has been so-so. Sad face. SO MANY. What did you get this week?

Lady Midnight. Yesss. Finally have this book :D Still looking for ARC + box. <3 And the fanart edition :D
A Tyranny of Petticoats. I'm so curious about this book. I adore a bunch of these authors. So pretty :D
Rebel of the Sands. This book is so awesome. And the finished copy is so pretty. Thank you Sarah :D
The Dark Days Club. Thank you for trading this UK ARC with me Kirsty :D It is oh so pretty. Read soon.
The Good Dinosaur. I had to buy this puzzle. It is so cute :D I adore this movie so much. I need more :)
Supernatural. Eee, I love my new Castiel and Bobby pop figures :D They are the cutest. All the love. <3
Zootopia and The Good Dinosaur. Some pretty figures and such :D I adore my Nick. So adorable. Love.
Jurassic World. I love this so much. The last lego I was missing; except for Raptor not in Norway. Love.

Zootropolis Prize Pack. Eee, won from my cinema :D So thrilled about it all. Gorgeous. So much love.
The Forbidden Wish + Nemesis Swag. YAY! Thank you Jessica and Anna so, so much :D Love it all. <3

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  1. Sorry you have been in a reading slump and that you have been in pain. I do hope the new medicine works its magic! Also, I hope your next book is awesome and has you turning pages left and right. :) Looks like you have gotten some fun things in the mail.

  2. Rebel of the Sands is so good! I just finished reading it today. Oh and I'm sorry about your reading slump, Carina. That suckssss. I hope you'll get over it soon. <3 Enjoy your books this week, hun!

  3. Castiel!! :D I do love him. So adorable. I need to pick up some of the PoP figures of him. Rebel of the Sands looks gorgeous in finished copy! We're hoping to see Zootopia tomorrow! It looks so cute and everyone is loving it, it seems! Hopefully I can kick this cold and feel good enough to see it. Sounds like you're not feeling too well either---hope you're feeling better soon, too, Carina dear!

  4. Dark Days Club sounds good, hope you enjoy and have a great week.

  5. CASTIEL AND BOBBY ♥ LOVE them both! I'm sorry you've been in a slump and dealing with health issues - I hope things get better for you soon :) Congrats on all the wonderful goodies you got this week though^^ A Tyranny of Petticoats and Rebel of the Sands are both ones I want to read!

  6. Oooooooo, I love your map swag! So lovely! And your copies of The Dark Days Club and Rebel of the Sands are amazing. I hope you enjoy all of your new books and have a fantastic week, Carina!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  7. Aw, I'm sorry to hear about your reading slump. Those are the worst! And I can understand your reluctance to start Lady Midnight at this time... I know whenever I'm experiencing a reading slump or a stressful period in my life, I don't like to read any of my long-anticipated reads just in case my stress ruins my enjoyment of them :(

  8. Lady Midnight! I'm totally looking forward to that one, and I'm jealous :) Just a little, though. Hope you enjoy it.

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading


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