Friday, March 25, 2016

Book Collection #4

Fourth week of this new thing I started. Have wanted for so long to do another weekly thing, and now I was finally ready. Once a week, every Friday, I will be sharing a book collection that I own. As in, all of the books I have from one author. I have wanted to do this for so long; thrilled that I'm finally starting. Unsure about the name, but I like it even so. Cannot wait to share with you all every week :) Because I am in love with all my book collections. I own so many amazing books. Eee. Hope you will enjoy this :)

Books by Kristin Cashore.

I love these three books the very most. Though it has been over two years since I last read them all. Ack. Must re-read again shortly. Graceling still is, and will always be, my favorite book of all time. So good. And they are all so pretty. I am dying for the Graceling and Fire ARCs too. Love my collection so much. And I just. I love these books the most. I wish there was another one coming. Sadly, I do not own anything signed by Kristin. Which makes me a bit depressed. I want a signed book by her the very most.


  1. Wow! What a beautiful collection! Love seeing all the different versions. I have not read Graceling yet (or the other books in the series)- but I do look forward to checking them out. :)

  2. Ooooh, so many gorgeous editions!

  3. Gah! So pretty! This is making me feel even worse that I STILL haven't started this series! I own the first book though so I swear I'll get to it soon :) I just know I'll love these^^ especially considering they're your favorites :D

  4. OMG. Love this collection, C! Different foreign editions. Gah.


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