Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review: All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

Oh, I am so glad I read this book. I don't read Adult books. I really don't. Well, okay, a few here and there. But only from authors I already love. Which is why I really wanted to read this one. Because I adore Megan. And I have loved all the books I have read by her so far. Plus this one sounded amazing. Eeek.

Today I finally decided to read my eARC of this gorgeous book. And I'm so glad I did so. Because it was amazing. And I liked it a whole lot. I had a few small issues, but nothing too big. And so it is a four star read for me. Because, gosh, it was amazing. Gorgeous writing. Amazing story. So exciting and surprising.

But oh, how do I even talk about this book? I'm not sure. Because all I have in my mind right now are spoilers spoilers spoilers. And I shall not share any of that. Only some plot details that I feel are important to know. But gosh. I'm really unsure how to put my feelings into words for this book. I just liked it so, so much. It was a bit slow a few times, and I just wanted it to speed up until the ending, but I'm so glad it didn't. Because all the small details were important and I'm so glad I didn't miss any of the clues and such. This book was thrilling and surprising and mean and oh, I loved it. The writing was gorgeous, yet a little bit different. I had some issues at times, but I still adored it a lot. And the characters. I loved them all. So well done.

This book is told in reverse. Which I'm not sure I have ever read before. There is a little present time at first, and a bit at the end, but the entire middle of the book is backwards, from day fifteen to day one. Most of the book is like that. At first I was a bit sad about it, but gosh, I grew to love it a lot. Because there were so many important details in this story. I do wish it had been told in the right order, but I also didn't mind that much. Because I felt like it needed to be told this way. I liked it a whole lot. I really did.

This book is told from the point of view of twenty eight year old Nicolette. I don't read about characters this age. But I do feel like I should start to. Because I adored Nic a whole bunch. Sure, she annoyed me a little bit at times, but I didn't mind. Thing is, she has a fiance. Which bothered me. Though she had only been seeing him for a year. I didn't like him much, though he was kind. But it was so obvious that Nic still had feelings for her ex, whom she had seen a lot in the past ten years. So many things happen.

Nic left her home ten years ago, after her best friend went missing. She left her boyfriend behind. And her dad and her brother. Her friend was never found. There is a big mystery there. It was so exciting. Nic has been coming back home many times for the past ten years, and she has been hooking up with Tyler all those times. And I just. It hurt my heart. Because she always left him. And I grew to love him a lot. And I just wanted him to be happy. Hmph. For her to stop using him like she did for so long. It hurt.

Things are different now, though. Because she's engaged. But oh. I shipped her and Tyler so badly. This book is not a romance. But there is romance in it. And I wouldn't really call it a love triangle, though I did feel bad for her fiance, as I thought it was obvious that Nic never let go of her old boyfriend. And I'm so glad she didn't. Though there are a lot of complications and I should stop writing now, lol. Just. The romance was good. Not too much drama, nothing I didn't approve of. I liked the romance a lot. So good.

But this book is about girls going missing. Well, only two girls. Nic's best friend ten years ago. And now Tyler's new sort of girlfriend is missing. I loved how this story was told when it came to that. And I loved how it ended. Gosh. I was surprised, despite having peeked at the ending first. There is so, so much happening. With her dad having lost his mind a bit, yet he knows something. With Nic's brother knowing something too, it seems. And Tyler too. And then there is Nic. Gosh. So many secrets, all over the place.

I loved it. I loved figuring out what happened to Corinne all those years ago. And then the new girl too, finding out what happened to her. It was all so exciting. And a bit scary at times, yet nothing too bad. I loved this mystery so much. And I want to talk about it so badly. Ahhh. It was the most exciting. And I cannot stop thinking about it. You must all read this book. You must. I liked it so much. I can't stop writing that. I just. I don't know what else to say. This book was just so great. Everything about it was.

There are so many characters in this one. And I liked reading about all of them. Yes, Tyler was my favorite. But I loved Nic almost as much. And her brother Daniel was interesting too, and I adored his wife. Though I hated what Daniel had done to Nic in the past. So not cool. I loved getting to know about Tyler and Nic from the past. Some things broke my heart so badly. But then the ending was so perfect yet awful. I loved it. All the Missing Girls was an incredible book. Full of mystery and suspense. I loved it.

You all need to read this book when it comes out at the end of June. I simply cannot wait to get a hardcover of it and read it again someday. Because it was amazing. But yeah. The hardcover is all kinds of expensive. Ugh. But I will get it even so. Because it is worth paying that much for. If you have the chance to read this book early, then do so. You will not regret it. I shall now be hunting for a print ARC for my collection. I need it. Because I liked this book so much and I now want all the editions there is :)

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  1. It is a bit of surprise whenever you step out of your normal reads, but, Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed this one. I have to add it to my pile. :)


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