Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mini Review: Iron to Iron by Ryan Graudin

I loved Wolf By Wolf so very much. And when I heard there would be a Luka Löwe enovella I could not wait to read it. So glad it finally arrived today. Eee. I had to read it right away. And I'm so glad I did so. Because it was amazing. Short, yes, but also a hundred pages, eee, so just long enough :D So much love for it.

The writing is so gorgeous. The story is so exciting. And I loved how much of it takes place just driving through stunning places. It was great to read about. Especially with such good writing, hih. I'm so thrilled that I loved this short story. I was a little bit nervous, because of the romance, but it didn't bother me much.

I simply adore Luka. I loved him so much in Wolf By Wolf, and oh, how I wished to get to know him more. So getting to read this story from his point of view, a year before Wolf, was so amazing. Getting to know him a bit more too, which made me so happy. He is such an amazing boy. Ahh. But this is also from the year that he met the real Adele. Which was a whole lot of heartbreaking to read about, considering that I knew how it all ended. It was painful to read about Luka falling in love with her. As I don't ship them one bit, lol. Though I did think the romance was sweet. Sometimes. His first love. But it ends badly. And it hurts my heart. This novella was painful to read. But I loved every moment of it. Getting to know Luka more is the best.

I'm not sure what to say about this. I wanted Luka to win the race so badly. It broke my heart what Adele did to him. Especially since he had fallen for her. It was awful. Yet amazing to read about. Oh, how I love Luka. And dislike the real Adele, lol. Just, please don't let her be a triangle in book two. Sigh. Not saying more. Just, this book was amazing. I adored Iron to Iron. It was interesting and evil and I loved it. I'm dying to read Blood For Blood. I need more of Yael :D And I ship her and Luka the most. Need this book.


  1. I haven't read Wolf by Wolf. Ugh . I feel like the more I'm trying to stay away from buying books, the more I'm not able to resist!

  2. :D Awesome! I feel like more often than not, novellas are kind of disappointing and pointless inclusions into larger series, so I'm glad to see that doesn't seem to be the case here! I still need to read Wolf By Wolf of course, but I'm excited that this novella was rated so highly by you too.


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