Saturday, March 5, 2016

In My Mailbox #227

This week went by too fast. I only read one book. Oh. Sad face. And it was a two star. Ugh. This is probably why I haven't read more. When I read bad books, I don't feel like reading anything else. Sigh. But I shall try to read more this weekend. Hopefully :D My health is still the worst, which just sucks. I'm waiting on Tuesday and another hospital visit. I got some stunning mail. <3 Waiting on lots, especially now that mail on Saturdays have officially stopped in all of Norway. Sobs. And I got nothing on Friday either. Hmph. How mean. I did blog a bit this week, though, which I am happy with. I posted a preview review of The Darkest Corners :) I shared the gorgeous cover for Gemina. <3 This week I'm waiting on The Raven King :D I shared the awesome cover for United :D And then I started a new weekly meme thing; Book Collection. <3 Shared my Cat Winters collection this week :D Eee. And oh gosh. This week I also watched Zootopia. And oh my, it was perfection. New favorite movie, maybe :D I just. I want to see it again RIGHT NOW. But too much money. Ugh. I hope it will be out on blu-ray fast. I need need need to watch it again and again. <3 How I wish it was out already. Hate waiting. What did you get this week? :)

The Steep and Thorny Way. My pretty hardcovers have arrived :D YAY! I love this book. So pretty too.
The Cure for Dreaming. This new paperback edition is oh so gorgeous. I love this book too. So much.
The Good Dinosaur. This comic book of the whole movie is just so cute. I couldn't help but buy it. Love.
Bookmarks. YAY! Now I own all 12 Harry Potter ones. <3 Love. And the Vicious ones are so stunning.
Funko Pop. I got my Peeta. <3 He's pretty cute. Sort of :D And Thor and Dean keyrings. So adorable.

Summer Days and Summer Nights. Yay! So happy to have been approved by St. Martin's Press for this one on Netgalley. <3 I think it sounds so awesome. Must read these short stories pretty soon :) I'm excited. Hope it will be awesome.

More Instagram photos here. <3


  1. I hear you, C. I feel the same way when I read a sucky book. I hope you'll have better luck next week!

    Happy reading!

  2. Hehe, you have a kitty present!! :D He is just so darn cute. Ah, I love your copies of Steep and Thorny Way! Gorgeous. Cure for Dreaming is my favorite so far, but I haven't gotten around to reading Steep and Thorny Way yet. So that may change lol. I also adore the Happy Hello bookmarks. Have a great week, Carina! :D

  3. Feel better and hope that your next read is better


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