Monday, November 3, 2014

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

I have finally read this book for the third time. <3 And I still want to read it all the time. Though I shall not. Because my heart breaks for Gansey every time I read this book. Sobs. Yet I still love it so much. I have so many feelings for The Raven Boys. My heart is failing a little. There is just so much I love about this book. And I will try my best to explain most of it. But not all. Because by now you should all have read this book and be feeling the same way as I am about it all. About Gansey. About the romance.

My love for this book is huge. And I am so glad that I finally read it again. Because I had, once again, forgotten how very much I love Gansey. This time I have also read a lot more of Maggie books. And I can say that I loved them all. And I love all the characters she writes. Though I'm starting to think that maybe Gansey is my favorite of them all. Sure, I do love Blue as well, as she is all kinds of awesome, but Gansey. Sigh. Gansey is the best of them all. I cannot wait to read even more about him in the future.

I'm pretty sure I could talk forever about The Raven Boys. But I won't. I will just say a few of the most important things. Like the magic. There is some amazing small magic in this book. And it is all kinds of wonderful to read about. It is surprising and exciting and scary and just so good. Then there are all the different relationships. There are so many amazing friendships. Between the boys. The boys and Blue. Blue and her family. I loved reading about all of them. And I cannot wait to read more about all of it.

My biggest love in this book are the characters. Mostly Gansey. Whom I will love forever. He is just the sweetest. And my heart is breaking for him. Because he is rich. And he is smart. And I did not think his friends treated him right. And it hurts. Because I know they treat him worse in book two. Ugh. I cannot stand it. I just want the best for Gansey. I want him to be loved. And happy. And I need them all to be better to him. He is just. He is so broken inside. And I love him to pieces. I need more of Gansey.

Gansey tried several different ways to think of the situation, but there wasn't any way 
he could paint it that made it hurt less. Something kept fracturing inside him.

Because Gansey is the best. His allergy to bees. Shudders. It was the best story to read about. My heart still hurts. Just so so good. And his search for Glendower. There is so much I love about Gansey. The way he talks. The way he looks while talking. Touching his lip. I cannot. Gansey is perfect. And I need them all to love him more. Sad face. Just. Read my quote about him. Gansey is the best. That's all there is. Though I love the others too. Ronan. Noah. Blue. They are all kinds of awesome. Love them all so much.

But then. Adam. I can't. I just. Sure, I found the small almost-romance between him and Blue to be cute. But I also do not ship them. Blue belongs with Gansey. But yeah. Adam. I could have loved him to pieces. But the way he treats Gansey? It isn't okay. It isn't okay at all. So yeah. I do not like Adam. Sigh. And this one thing bothers me. How Adam and Blue is about Gansey's money. They are poor. But. If someone had a lot of money, and would use it on me, I would be so thrilled. They are not. Why? It bothers me.

Anyway. I shall not say much more about this stunning book. Just that it is full of magic. Full of friendships and love. There is not much romance. But there is the hint of one to come. Because there are feelings. And they are real. And oh. I'm so excited and nervous about re-reading The Dream Thieves and then finally getting to read Blue Lily, Lily Blue. <3 I cannot wait. Anyway. If you still haven't read The Raven Boys, then I don't know what you are waiting for. Go read this stunningly amazing book. <3

In the end, he was nobody to Adam, he was nobody to Ronan. Adam spit his words back 
at him and Ronan squandered however many second chances he gave him. Gansey was just 
a guy with a lot of stuff and a hole inside him that chewed away more of his heart every year. 
They were always walking away from him. But he never seemed able to walk away from them.


  1. I love that she drew Gansey!! I totally missed this tweet. I haven't reread the series though I'd like to. I am so excited for Blue Lily. I've not gotten my copy yet...when will it get here?

  2. Lmao!!! Good on you. :) I love that picture of Gansey. Makes me finally want to read this series once and for all.


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