Thursday, November 6, 2014

Review: Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater

I knew I would love this book. But yeah. Waiting for it has been torture. And reading it went by way too fast. Yet it was worth it. Because Blue Lily, Lily Blue was a stunning book. And I loved it to pieces. Well, it broke me into pieces, but I loved it even so. But putting my feelings into words might be a little bit difficult.

Okay, so. Blue Lily, Lily Blue was a perfect book. And I loved it so much. The characters are all kinds of amazing. And I love the story to pieces. The magic is amazing. The scary stuff is scary. The sad parts are heartbreaking. Gansey is the best. But there is too little romance. Hmph. But. I loved it so much, even so.

Because I know there should be romance in book four. I know there must be. There better be. There should be. Maggie has me worried that she will kill of Gansey, like she has said she will, and I have my theories about that. I do not think it will happen. Okay, I think Gansey will die, then be brought back. Which is probably not what will happen. But I'm going with that theory until book four is out. I need to believe there will be a happy ending for Gansey and Blue. That Gansey will get to be happy. And loved. Above all else, I need Gansey to be loved. Sure, he is loved by his family and friends, but they are not showing it enough. Why isn't anyone hugging him or telling him stuff? It breaks my heart a little. Sniffs. My Gansey needs love.

There is so much I could say about this book. But I shall not. I'm not sure how much I will say. Sometimes words just come faster and faster when I write. Anyway. I shall start by saying how amazing I think these books are. They are special. They have beautiful writing. And I adore Maggie. All the books I have read by her so far have been amazing. I don't like anyone over the other. They are just all perfection. But yeah. I might like Gansey the most of all her characters. Maybe. I cannot fully decide. It's just. GANSEY.

But oh. The story in this book. It is all over the place. And it is beautiful. We learn more about the ley line. About who the Gray Man worked for. Which was kind of creepy and kind of fun and the same time. We meet new characters. I loved the tall one. Though, sad face. His life was depressing. I loved reading more about Blue's family. I grew to love them even more. Which was just cruel. But I cannot wait to read more about them all. Sigh. Also. There are deaths in this book. One death was really, really sad. Sniffs.

All the gorgeous characters in this book is killing me. GANSEY. My love for Gansey will never go away. He is the best. Always the best. And I love reading about him. Just. Wishing there was more of him. More romance. But he is perfect. We learn more sad things about him. And it breaks my heart. Yet I love it to pieces. I love my boys to be broken. And Gansey is. And someone need to love him. Pretty please. I want that more than anything. Sigh. There is just so much to love about Gansey. Everything. Always. Forever.

But I do love the other characters too. But GANSEY. Seriously. Read these books. Anyway. I also love Ronan to pieces. I love reading about him so much. He is so broken and difficult and I think he has the best heart, deep inside. I'm starting to ship him and Adam, though. Hmph. I want Ronan to have somebody. And I think he wants Adam. Hm. And Adam. Sigh. I liked him more in this book. Truly. But he has not apologized to Gansey. And I won't forgive that. He better do so in book four. I'm waiting for it.

I also really, really adore Blue. I just think she is all kinds of cute and smart and brave. And I just love have awesome she is. How different too. And I want her to find her something more. Which I'm suspecting is a life with Gansey. I still don't get why she doesn't want him to share money with her. That bothers me. I would be thrilled if someone wanted to pay things for me. Hmph. Hoping she will get better at that in book four, as Gansey have a lot of money. I need more of his family, though, as well.

I will not say all that more about this book. I will not. But I want to. I want to share all the amazing things. But I want you to read this book for yourself. And love Gansey the way I do. Well, no, no one will love Gansey as much as I love Gansey :D Anyway. Ohh. I did not mention Noah. Whom I still adore. But oh. He was creepy in this book. And I just want him to have a happy ending too. Sigh. I have such high hopes for book four. And tons of fears. Hoping the next year will move all kinds of fast. Need it so badly.

Wait. I haven't talked about the important parts of the plot yet. And I need to. I need to mention that there are caves in this book. And they are creepy. And it scared me a little. And I loved every moment of it. Oh. And the ending. It freaked me out a little. I am worried about what will happen next. And oh so excited. About all of it. The third sleeper. The fact that Gansey might die. Blue and Gansey kissing. I need that. Oh. Also. That thing at the end? That was totally a spider, wasn't it? Shudders. I'm curious.

I am not sharing any quotes for this book. Because I wasn't able to choose any. I loved all of it. And I wanted to share all the spoilery parts. But I won't. But know that I adored this book. I loved all the quotes I could have chosen to share. And I think everyone else will love Blue Lily, Lily Blue too. So go read it. Right away. And let me know what you think of it. Because I am a curious person. And Gansey. What do you all think of Gansey? Sigh. I'm so glad I read this book now. It was all kinds of perfection.


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  1. Lol, I think you've said how much you love Gansey a million time, that's so cute ;)) I half expected you to end the review with that too ;))

    I'll get back with an answer after I re-read the first book and read the other 2 :))


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