Saturday, November 22, 2014

Review: This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

Reading this book was so much fun. And I'm so glad I was able to read it now. Because I loved it to pieces. Sigh. It was just all kinds of awesome. I was worried I wouldn't like it, as I had some issues with These Broken Stars, but I didn't have to worry. Because This Shattered World was all kinds of perfect for me.

Okay, I say reading it was fun. That might be a lie. Because reading this book was all kinds of heartbreaking. Yet there is so much to love in it too. And there is some fun scenes as well; scenes between Jubilee and Flynn. But for the most part this book is full of feelings. And I loved that. I loved that so much.

There is so much I could say about this book. So much about it that I loved. First I will say that I loved the writing, which might confuse me a little, as I seem to remember not liking it in book one. Hmph. But maybe I would enjoy book one more now, if I re-read it. Which I am going to do, one day. Fingers crossed. <3 Anyway. The writing in this book is stunning. And I loved that it is told from the point of view of Jubilee and Flynn. As they both are amazing characters. And I just adored reading about them both. Sigh. I loved how their relationship starts. There is kidnapping. And other hurtful things. Lots of pain. But then it turns into something more. And I loved reading about it so much. Because I found it to be very real. Well, at least to me. And it was just all kinds of fun. And they are just so sweet together. I'm so happy that I loved them both.

I really liked the plot in this book. Reading about the planet, Avon, was all kinds of amazing. It was different. And it seemed so awful. Just, swamps. Ugh. And fog. And no stars. And just so so interesting to read about. Then there are the rebels. And the soldiers. And all the differences. And I cannot even begin to explain it all. Just want to mention a few small things. How exciting all of it is. How much I loved getting to know everything. And how I wish there was so much more for me to read. I need more.

One thing I didn't fully get was the whispers thing. It were in book one. And in this one too. and while I understood it, for the most part, I just didn't fully get the point of it. But it was interesting to read about too. Just also a little bit sad. Sniffs. There is just so much about this story that I adored. I loved how everyone fit into it. I liked reading about Molly. He was awesome. And I found Sean to be an interesting character too. Well, probably. I only wanted to read about the J&F, but I liked them all.

There is so much I could say about Flynn. Sigh. He was just so amazing to read about. And I loved him the most, I think. Wishing I had gotten to know even more about him, though. But I loved what I do know of him. How strong he is, how brave, how gentle, how kind. He is also very smart. And I just adored him to pieces. And Jubilee too. I loved reading about her past. And how strong she is too. And how she doesn't dream. And just everything about her. She was a fierce character and I loved her so.

I'm not going to say all that much about This Shattered World. Just that it is different. Yet all kinds of awesome. And I enjoyed reading it so much. There are a whole bunch of sad and heartbreaking moments. Yet some really sweet ones too. There is a little bit of romance. Wishing there had been more, because there could have been, hmph. And oh. There are a lot of deaths in this book as well. And some I really wish hadn't happened. So mean. Yet I couldn't help but love everything that happened. <3

There is a bit of Tarver and Lilac in this book too. Not much, sobs, but also just enough, as I did fall in love with Jubilee and Flynn. But yeah. There is some Tarver in this book. And he is just all kinds of awesome. Sigh. I really hope there will be a little bit more of all the characters in book three. I would love to read more about them all. As I adore all of them and I don't think their stories are done. Okay, fine, I just want more of them all. Though this book is amazing. I just always want more of everything.

Huge thank you to Cassie at Disney-Hyperion for letting me be able to read and review This Shattered World via NetGalley. <3 I'm so glad I read this book right now. Because it was all kinds of awesome. And I cannot wait to get my pre-ordered hardcover of it. This Shattered World was an excellent book. It is full of heartbreak and pain. Yet also some hope and romance. It is one of the best books. And I'm so glad I was able to read it. I think you should all read this book. Because it is perfect. And I loved it so much.


  1. I'm reading this now, only 60 pages in, but WOW, I am IN LOVE!!! It is beautiful, and amazing, and soooooo breathtakingly perfect in every way!!!

    At first, I was a little upset that it wasn't about Lilac and Tarver, because lets face it, their awesome, but now, I am more then happy to have Jubilee & Flynn as the main characters!!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and I'm trying to read it slow because I don't want this awesomeness to end, but that's not working out too!

    Check out my latest review of THE WINNER"S CRIME:

  2. YEEEESSSSS!!! I'm so so sooooo happy that you loved this one Carina! I read the first 5 chapters that came with the short story and already fell in love with Jubilee and Flynn and cannot wait to read the whole book and love it to bits!!
    Fantastic review sweetie!

  3. The plot and setting on the planet with the good world building sounds like a great combo

  4. Woot, five stars! So glad you enjoyed this book as well! I loved it even more than I loved the first book :D Excellent review, Carina!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  5. definitely bumping this up my pile. everyone's been proclaiming their love for this book lately!

  6. I am so happy you loved this, C! I was waiting for your thoughts. Such an amazing book. My favorite part were the Tarver and Lilac scenes though :p They are SO CUTE. I love them so much. But yes Jubilee and Flynn are awesome too. :D

    Great review, hon!

  7. Me too, Carina. I adored this book. I think I might have enjoyed These Broken Stars just a tiny bit more but this was oh so good. Can't wait for MORE.

  8. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to hear you loved this! I'm, of course, kind of scared to start it soon, since I LOVED These Broken Stars so very much. I know I'll love Jubilee and Flynn, but yay for a little bit of Lilac and Tarver! They're the best. :D


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