Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan

I think my mind might be too full of Percy Jackson. I haven't been able to stop reading the books since I picked up the first one. And I love it. Though it is messing with my head. I don't mind. And I will be starting the fourth one in the morning; I cannot wait. <3 Because this series is pretty amazing. Love it.

The Titan's Curse broke me a little. I'm not sure how to feel. It made me a lot of heartbroken. And sad. And angry. Yet I also loved it to pieces. So unfair. But anyway. This was an amazing book. And I really enjoyed it. I very much like the writing of Rick. It's awesome. Sigh. I just love these books. So much.

There is so much happening in this book. Lots of awful things. Most of the things I loved, though. I loved seeing more of Percy as I still love him to pieces. And I still adore Annabeth. Though this thing she has for Luke is pissing me off. Makes me wonder if it will get in the way of a Percy and Annabeth relationship. Hmm. I hope not. As I really, really dislike Luke.

Oh, I just don't know what to say. This book was amazing. But it made me wonder what will happen in the next ones. And it makes me think of a lot of heartbreak. So much heartbreak. I fear Nico will cause a lot; this new kid. He did seem adorable. But then something awful happens, and he changes. It broke my heart. Sob. There is a lot of new characters in this book. Like Zoƫ. Whom I actually really liked. She's a bit weird, but I loved reading about her. Not sure how I felt about Bianca. Hmm. Didn't like her much.

Then there was Thalia. And I did not like her much in this book. She annoyed a little. And I'm not sure why. Might just be because of my feelings for Percy, hih. But I did end up liking her at the end of the book. For the most part. And we get to see a bit more of Tyson. He's still pretty cute. And there is a sea cow in this book. That is adorable. Sigh. But then there are these other monsters that are not adorable. Shudders. Loved reading about them all, though. This book just had lots of exciting things that I loved.

I'm not sure what else to say, so I'm not going to say much more. Just that I really enjoyed The Titan's Curse and that I cannot wait to start book four in the morning. It will be even more amazing, I think. Just a little bit upset that the last book isn't out until October. I know I will not be able to wait that long, lol. But I also know that I will love the next books in this series. Sigh. I cannot wait to get started. Anyway. I think you would all love this book and this series. Because it's amazing. Truly amazing. <3 


  1. Another 5 stars! My kids would probably enjoy this series as well. If I were a big MG reader, I'd probably enjoy them too. :)

  2. Great to hear how much you are enjoying this series and getting into the world and charactrers

  3. There's nothing like going on a binge read of Percy Jackson books! I love how the plot keeps on getting more and more complicated and all the characters are important in one way or another!
    Great review keeping it spoiler free, Carina!


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