Sunday, March 2, 2014

Review: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

I've been meaning to start reading this series for a few years now. Ever since I bought this gorgeous paperback set of the five books. But I haven't gotten myself to start. Then I needed to buy the four other books in the series, and now that I own them all, I figured I could finally get started. Then yesterday I did.

And I'm so happy that I finally read it! Because The Lightning Thief was amazing. Percy was amazing. And I cannot wait to start reading the rest of the books. Once I started reading this I could not stop. I needed to know what would happen next. It's very exciting and pretty well written as well. I just loved it.

I don't know what to talk about when it comes to this book. There are a few things I wish to mention. But there is also a lot of spoilery things happening in this book that I don't wish to share, as I want you all to read this book knowing nothing, like I did. <3 Okay, fine, I know the ending of the last book. But I don't know anything about the books before that :D Which is exciting. It's awesome not knowing everything that happens.

Anyway. This book is told from the point of view of Percy Jackson. Whom I really, really loved. He's twelve years old and he's awesome. But oh. It broke my heart to read about his life. He's gone to six different schools. And he keeps getting kicked out. And I hated reading about that bully. Though Percy didn't not stand up for himself, which was good. Then there was his mom. I adored her. She was amazing. But Smelly Gabe! He was goddamn awful. Truly. And I kind of loved what happened to him.

I must admit that I don't really know anything about the greek gods. I still haven't read about them, just in books like this one. But that's okay. I learned more than enough from reading this; and I think they all sound awesome. And I loved that the gods have a big part in these books. Probably. It was interesting. And I can't wait to read more about them. Hopefully. Then there is the Half Bloods. I loved reading about them so much. Annabeth! Adore her already. Sigh. And I liked Grover as well. He was pretty amazing.

There is just so much happening in this book. Yet not enough, which is probably why there are five plus four books in this series :D So excited to read them all. Sigh. I'm not sure what else to say about this book. I loved the writing a lot. And the characters are adorable. Truly. I loved reading about them all. I loved the action. I loved the family thing. Sigh. I just loved everything about this book. And I'm so glad that I finally read it. Now it is time for me to read the next ones and I simply cannot wait to start. <3


  1. I just knew this is a Carina book/series! I hope you'll enjoy the rest as much as you did this one.

    Great review, hun. :)

  2. I have read this book, borrowed it from the library. They have the whole series there, so I have to reading the rest of the series soon. The first book was very good, the movies are also very great :) Love Percy <3

  3. I discovered this series a while back cause the bf told me I needed to read them and I love them! They're fun, hilarious and as a Greek mythology fan they're a lot of fun to read! Also, they might have the funniest chapter titles in history! ;)

    1. LOL! This is true. I loved the chapter titles :D Sad there weren't any in the last four books that I just read.. hmm.


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