Sunday, March 9, 2014

Review: A Death-Struck Year by Makiia Lucier

I'm not sure how I felt about this book. It was pretty easy for me to read, which was good. And I did enjoy the writing. But I also felt that the book was a bit dull. To me, there wasn't all that much happening. Which is why I'm rating this book with a three star. I did enjoy it, but I didn't love it, like I wanted to.

A Death-Struck Year is written from the point of view of Cleo. Whom I liked. She's pretty sweet. But I just, I didn't feel much for her. My issue with this book is that I felt like it could have been better. It was pretty good, yes, but some things were a bit boring for me. And I wished they had been better. Sigh.

This book takes place in America in 1918, with the Spanish Influenza. Which is a time I have enjoyed reading about, like In the Shadow of Blackbirds. And I did enjoy it in this book too. But everything is about the flu, with Cleo working on the sick people. Which was interesting enough, but ended up getting quite boring for me as nothing really happened. Okay, sure, lots of people die. Which was sad, but I didn't truly care that much.

We learn about Cleo's family; she lives with her older brother and his wife. Her parents died when she was six. Which was just all kinds of awful. But I also felt detached from that as well. Grrr. Which sucks, as that part could have been pretty amazing for me to read about, as I love heartbreak. But there just wasn't enough of it. Hmm. But I did like the book. Sort of. I did like the writing and the characters. And the story isn't all that bad. But not that great, either. Just a lot of the same. At least it was for me.

I'm not sure what to say in this review of mine. I had some issues with this book. There was just not enough happening for me. Sigh. But I did like reading about Cleo. For the most part. And I liked Kate and Hannah. But I didn't really feel enough for them, to be honest. Then there is Edmund, who is the love interest. There is so little romance in this book, that I'm not sure I liked it. I loved Edmund's back story, but even that there was way too little about. I want my heartbreak, and I want a lot of it :)

I don't think I will say much more about this book. It was interesting, as I enjoy reading about the time period. But yeah. It was also not the best, which makes me sad. There are a lot of deaths in this book. It made me sad, but I also couldn't bring myself to care too much about them all. I enjoyed reading about Cleo's brother, but there wasn't all that much about him either. Sigh. It may sound like I didn't enjoy this book all that much (A) But I didn't hate it, and that is good. I did like reading it, mostly.

Huge thank you to the publisher, HMH Books for Young Readers for accepting my review request via Netgalley. <3 Even though I did not love this book, I'm glad I read it. And I will be buying the hardcover. Sometime. When I have the money for it :) Anyway. I do think other people will enjoy this book. Because A Death-Struck Year is an interesting story with good writing and interesting characters :) I just didn't love it, which makes me sad. But I did enjoy it a little, which was good. So I am happy that I read it.


  1. Oh man, this is one of those books that have caught my eye just because of its promise of contagion and disease. Lol. Sounds pretty dull and dry. :/

  2. Sorry to see that it seemed boring for you. This book isn't normally something I would look at because it sounds kind of sad. Nice review!

  3. Hrm. I'm not sure I want to read this one or not. Any book that deals with this time period or subject matter is automatically going to be compared to In the Shadow of Blackbirds which I loved so very much.

  4. The time period does sound interesting, though sad. I have read another book for MG kids that takes place during the same time period, so I would be curious to read this one. Sorry it didn't have more happening, but it sounds like it was a good read. :)

  5. I do really want to read this one, I hope the library has it soon!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  6. I was really interested in this book too, but "boring" is never good! I think I've seen some people commenting on the girl forgetting to wear her mask like...5 times, too. Which is at least 2 or 3 times to many for me to keep my patience with her. Sorry you were disappointed, Carina.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

    1. Omg, yes. I forgot to mention that. She forgot it all the time! Which was pretty annoying. Sigh. I just did not like this book much :\ but I did enjoy reading it. Mostly :)

  7. That's too bad that it ended up being a bit boring. Sounds like it had potential, but never did anything with it.

    Thanks for your honest thoughts :)

  8. It sounds like the story held a lot of potential that didn't pan out. It's always a bummer when you feel detached from the characters =( Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  9. Sounds like the book was good, but not good enough. Sorry to hear it wasn't as good as you would have wanted, Carina, but at least the writing was good and you enjoyed the read enough!


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