Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Review: The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan

I started reading these books on Saturday. And since then I haven't been able to stop reading them. And now I have finished the last one. And I loved it. This series was amazing. Will be starting the next soon; just need to read some other books first. But oh, how excited I am that this world isn't over yet. <3

The Last Olympian is an amazing end to an amazing series. I have loved these five books. I have loved reading from Percy's point of view. As I really adore him. He's amazing. Sigh. And I have loved all the characters so much. Annabeth. She's the best. Grover. He's awesome. And Tyson. He is just too adorable.

This book starts a whole year after the last one. Which made me a little bit depressed. But then everything started happening and I didn't mind at all anymore. Percy is almost sixteen, when the prophecy is supposed to happen. Which was beyond exciting, to be honest. There is so much happening. So many people die. Which was sad. Yet done really well. Enjoyed reading all of it.

We see a lot more of the gods in this book. Which I loved. As I think Poseidon is all kinds of awesome. Though I must admit that I think my favorite of them all was Hades. He's just too cool. Pff. Well, he's evil. Which I loved. And his son, Nico. Sigh. He's just even more amazing in this book and I adore him so much. Just wishing I read wrong when I peeked at an upcoming book. Hmm. Still. I'm really hoping to see more of Nico in the next books, as he is the best. So sweet and young and kind and so powerful.

There is a big battle in this book. And it is awesome. I loved reading it so much. Though.. yeah. So many people die. Which was heartbreaking, but I loved it all the same. I do love reading about monsters. And Kronos. Shudders. He's evil. And I loved reading about him. I still don't like Luke. I really don't. But I'm glad that story ends, as in I finally understood it better. Kind of. Probably not. But I'm ending up being okay with it. For the most part. But anyway. So many evil characters in this book.

I have really loved reading these books in such a short time. They will have a big place in my heart. As will Percy. Sigh. The only thing I would have changed about this final book was the romance. As in, I wished there had been a little bit more, hih. But I was happy with what happened. I was happy with the ending. Though I do want more. Fingers crossed for the next series :D Sigh. Anyway. These books were amazing. And I'm so glad I read them. Now you all need to go read them too. Seriously. Do it. <3


  1. There's nothing like binge reading a great series just like you've done! I'm really glad to hear you've loved the Percy Jackson series so much! Reading your reviews has made me want to re-read the whole series again!


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