Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mortal Gods by Kendare Blake: Cover Reveal and Guest Post

I'm so excited to be sharing the cover for Mortal Gods by Kendare Blake today! It is the sequel to Antigoddess, which I really loved. It's an amazing story with such amazing characters. Sigh. I just cannot wait to read this sequel. October 14th cannot get here fast enough. Anyway. This cover is simply gorgeous. And I love it so so much. And I hope all of you do the same. It makes me so curious about the plot. I just can't wait. And I also love the new cover for Antigoddess. This series is pretty amazing. And I can't wait to see what Kendare does next with the books. <3 And ohh! Below the cover reveal I have a guest post with Kendare :D And I am beyond excited about it. Thank you. Thank you so much. <3 It also made me even more excited for this sequel :) There is no summary yet, but hopefully soon. <3 Also. I really, really adore Kendare. She's all kinds of amazing. And so kind and so sweet. And I loved her Anna Dressed in Blood books. Cas and Anna were amazing to read about. Can't wait to read more from her. <3

Kendare Blake's favorite characters from Antigoddess.

Athena and Cassandra are my girls. They're both problematic, and hard to love, and by turns I want to smack them both. Which is why I love them. My fondest wish is for them to get over their differences and be the best friends ever. We shall see.

Odysseus and Hermes, because they are both hot and endearing. And I can say that now, because neither one feels like my kid or my kid brother, which is what Cas always feels like, so when readers asked if I had a crush on Cas it used to make me very uncomfortable :)

Ares. Spoiler alert. Ares is in Mortal Gods. And I thought I would hate him. I thought he'd be this disgusting, two dimensional villain. But he isn't. He's Athena's kid brother who has always been in her shadow, and he's the god of war so he's brutal and nasty by design. Can't hate him for that. I imagine some readers will hate him though. He is quite terrible.

Honestly, after you spend so much time with characters it's impossible to pick favorites. I love them all for different reasons, from Aphrodite right on down to Henry's dog Lux.


  1. I really like the new covers. I wish the HC would be reprinted with the new cover so I could own that too. I can't wait to read Mortal Gods

  2. Carina you always have the best covers to share with us! I'm liking the colour theme that they decided to go with on Mortal Gods, and also how they've kept it similar to the first book too. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. Even if I had my doubts at first, I really like the new covers and I'm super excited to read Mortal Gods!! October is too far away, damn it!


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