Saturday, March 8, 2014

In My Mailbox #123

This have been a busy week. Busy life, and busy reading :D I have read a lot. Like the first five Percy Jackson books. <3 That I loved loved loved. Will be starting the next books soon :) My reviews for The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan's Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, The Last Olympian. And I also read The Forever Song :D Which I also really loved. <3 Sigh. New Cress Tuesday teaser. And I shared the cover for Winterspell. <33 And Mortal Gods :D With an awesome guest post by Kendare Blake. And I'm waiting on Mortal Danger. <3 I'm planning on reading A Death-Struck Year next; so hoping I will like it :) Though first I need to get started reading it, hih. What did you get this week?

Let the Storm Break. Ah, you gorgeous book. <3 This is a series that I need two copies of, hih :)
Divergent. Got a new one, since previous was damaged. This new one is not, and it is gorgeous. <3
17 & Gone. I really enjoyed this book. And now it is in this gorgeous paperback and it is so so soft.
The Winner's Curse. Best book. Best cover. Most gorgeous hardcover. Sigh. SO MUCH LOVE! <3
City of Lost Souls. Official US paperback :) But ohh. Has it not been as much as two years? Hmm.
Spellspinners. Signed bookmark that I won from Jean. <3 Thank you so much. It is very pretty.

Divergent. I did not know that there was UK and US editions. Grrr. Must buy US as well, hih :) Soon.
Thornado. Ah, another gorgeous little dragon. <3 Sniffs. I need them all. They are so cute and awesome.
City of Bones. Just ignore this. I ordered blu-ray, got wrong, so sending in return to get the right one :)
Jack the Giant Slayer. I love this movie. So much. And then the 3D was on sale :D So I needed it. <3
Taken 2. I'm not sure why I have yet to watch this movie, as I loved the first one.. Hmm. Soon, I hope.
The Walking Dead 3. Finally got to buy this, as it was on a little sale. I do pretty much love this show.
Red Riding Hood. It's been ages since I saw the first movie, but I seem to remember that I liked it :)
The Wizard of Oz. I have this in blu-ray, but since it was 3D sale I just had to get it, hih. So awesome.

Death Sworn. Oh, how I loved this book. It is amazing! And this hardcover is just so gorgeous. Sigh.
Rebel Spring. I must read this soon. I must I must I must. This is the UK paperback, which is gorgeous.

Born of Deception. Very happy that I got this via HarperTeen on Edelweiss :D I really loved the first book. Just need to re-read it, I think, before I read this one. <3 But I am excited. So that is good. Really hoping it will be an amazing book :) Keeping my fingers crossed for that. <3 

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  1. I'm glad to hear you read so much Carina :D The cover from Death Sworn is GORGEOUS. Definitely one of the prettiest out there <3

  2. I read The Winners Curse yesterday! Now I know why you loved it so much, it's INCREDIBLE!! =)

  3. Awesome books. I've got to read The Winner's Curse. And I want to read Let the Storm Break too.

  4. Ahh, yes, I know you enjoyed Let the Storm Break, and loved The Winner's Curse and Death Sworn! Glad to see those three in your haul :D

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  5. Oh you are so lucky! Taken 2 is one of my favorite movies :)

  6. Wow so much prettiness in your IMM! I really need to read The Winner's Curse soon, it sounds so amazing and the cover is gorgeous <3
    I got Born of Deception this week too, still need to read book 1 though :P
    Death Sworn was amazing <3
    Happy reading, Carina!

  7. I started reading Let the Sky Fall and unfortunately had to abandon the book. It wasn't quite speaking my language, sadly. Loving The Winner's Curse.

    Enjoy, Carina!

  8. I enjoyed Let the Storm Break and hope that you do too

  9. Great haul Carina. I hope you enjoy them all. I really want to read Forever Song but it's not available for me to request yet. I think you said it will be tomorrow. I'll be requesting it pronto. I'll be reading your review after I read and write mine.

  10. Great haul Carina!! Enjoy your books! :) x

  11. SO much good stuff, Carina! I can't wait to see what you think of Born of Deception---first book was definitely one of my favorites last year!

  12. Ah, so preettty! I have yet to see a finished copy of The Winner's Curse because neither my bookstore nor my library has it, but if the ARC is anything to go by, I know its gorgeous. :) But I know Death Sworn is pretty, and so good!

    Have a great week Carina!

  13. Yay for The Winner's Curse - such a lovely cover and a lovely novel!

    Great haul! Hope you enjoy everything, Carina! :)

  14. What a great haul, Carina! Such lovely gorgeous covers! I got my copy of The Winner's Curse yesterday and I can't get over how truly gorgeous it is!
    Happy reading!!

  15. LOVE you haul this week. I always enjoying seeing all the goodies you get. Yes, The Winner's Curse is an awesome read, with a beautiful cover! Enjoy your haul.


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