Thursday, March 13, 2014

Review: The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan

These books are killing me. Truly. They are just so good. And yet they are breaking my heart and I'm feeling it will only get worse. Sobs. But I'm loving them to death. They are amazing. Beyond amazing. Sigh. And The Son of Neptune was amazing. I'm also pretty much in love with the cover. The best scene.

The writing in this book is just stunning, like the previous books. Well, I love the writing. A whole lot. I love the way the books are written. I love the different point of views, though there are only three in this book and I wanted so many more, to be honest, hih. But the writing is amazing, regardless. Love it.

Though I must admit to being a tiny bit confused about the Greek/Roman parts. It is beyond interesting. And I totally understood it. I'm just not good with the names :D As I still don't really know anything about the gods, just what I have read in these books. But it is enough and I might read more about them all once I finish this series. Probably. I do want to know more :)

There are new characters in this book. And I loved them all. Gah. This is just too good. These books are just too amazing and I'm so happy that I'm reading them. Sigh. Anyway. There is a lot of Percy in this book. And my god. I just love him even more now, hih. <3 He has lost his memory, though. Sniffs. But he's still awesome. And we see some new characters. Hazel. I love her story. She's amazing. And Frank. He is too cool. I loved them so much. I ship them. But I worry now, with the ending.. But I also hope.

I was a little sad that there was no Annabeth in this book. That there was no Jason, Piper and Leo. But I'm excited that they will also be in the next book. And I'm dying to get started on that one. It will be the best, I think and hope. So excited. But oh. There is just so much to love in this book. There is so much happening. And there is so much Percy and everything is just amazing. But my god. There is also a lot of heartbreak and sad scenes and I loved those the most, I think. It's just so real, in a way. And so good.

I won't say any spoilers about this book. Just that there is so many amazing characters. And that the plot is so damn great. I really loved it. To pieces. Sigh. It is just so damn good. Ella was adorable. And there is a little bit of Tyson! Dies. He's still awesome. A lot of villains. And I loved reading all of it. These books have my heart. And I'm just so glad that I have read them. So excited to read the next ones. I don't think I ever want to leave this world. It's just too exciting and loving and just so good.


  1. You are enjoying this series so much I really need to read it!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. I'm so glad to hear you're still on your Percy Jackson binge! At this rate you're gonna take over me, since I still need to read Mark of Athena!

  3. Rick Riordan is such a good writer!! I loved his Percy Jackson series, and have always wanted to read this one. Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Aw, sorry there was no annabeth but glad you still enjoyed!

  5. Really happy you're enjoying this series. It's very popular in that age range!

    1. "that age range!" You evil person, Joy :D Jk. <3 But oh. You would love these books too. I'm sure of it. Percy Jackson is amazing :)


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