Saturday, March 15, 2014

Review: The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

I'm not sure how to describe this book. First, it is huge. It is the first book of the series where I got to read a hardcover and not a paperback, hih. Which I really loved. Though both editions are awesome. But the hardcover is so big. And awesome. And yeah. I loved it. The Mark of Athena was amazing. It was so good.

It gave me all the feelings, though. First, there is Percy and Annabeth. And they are so damn adorable and there is more romance in this book. Yet never enough. I wanted more. But it is so sweet and cute and I loved the few moments. They are just beyond perfect together. Truly. They are so amazing.

Then there is Jason and Piper. And I still adore them. I love how much Piper loves Jason. And I do like them together. But I'm kind of not liking Jason that much. Hmm. Might be because he's kind of competing about being better than Percy. Which is just not possible. But it do annoy a little.. But I also want him and Piper together, because I adore them so much. Mostly Piper :)

And gah. Then there is Hazel and Frank. Whom I really wish would be a couple, because they are too cute. Frank is so adorable and I really, really love him. I also love Hazel. But then there is Leo. Ugh. I do love Leo. A lot. But I do not like that whole Sammy thingy. I don't want him and Hazel together, and it's starting to bother me that it might happen. Sniffs. And, he picks on Frank. Which I do not approve of. Because, yeah, I really love Frank. But I also love Leo. Gah. These characters are just too awesome.

But anyway. There is so much happening in this book. And yet I never ever wanted it to end. Sigh. I won't be able to talk about it all. Because, like I said, there is too much. And all of it is amazing. Sigh. Though the Roman demi-gods are starting to annoy me a little. Hmm. But I also still like them. Curious about that in the next book. Anyway. There are a lot of villains in this book. Like Hercules. He was pretty awful to read about. Then there is the spider woman. Shudders. I really loved reading that part.

The book is told from the point of view of Annabeth. Which I adored. Loved getting to know her more. And Percy. Whom I also love beyond words. And Leo. Who I do love, but he did some things that bothered me. And Piper. Who is just too adorable. The characters in this book are all amazing and I loved reading about them all. Yes, I do love Percy the most, though. And Annabeth. They are the most important ones for me. <3 Sigh. But yeah. The writing in this book is beyond amazing as well.

I won't say more about this book. Just about that ending. It was so damn cruel. Truly. I am very happy that I have The House of Hades right next to me so that I can start it right away. Needs to know what will happen next. But then.. then it will be over and I must wait until October for the final book. I'm not sure I can wait that long. Gah. And be that long without Percy.. Hmm. We'll see how that works, lol. But anyway. The Mark of Athena is an amazing book. Full of exciting things. And some romance. I loved it.


  1. Thank you do much for keeping your review spoiler free but feelings full! I still need to read this one and I'm beyond scared and excited about it!
    Great review, Carina!

  2. I still haven't started reading this series but I will have to. I'm missing a lot and I don't dare see the movie either. Great review, Carina :)


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