Friday, May 10, 2013

Review: Unbreakable by Elizabeth Norris

I cannot believe I've waited almost a whole year for this book. Ever since I first read Unraveling back in May last year. It was worth the wait. Unbreakable is an amazing book. Although there was one thing that made me sad, yet I found the plot and just everything to be so amazing. I'm just so glad I read the short story Undone first, and you all need to do that. It's amazing.

I really love Elizabeth's writing. I think her books are written really well, and I enjoyed reading this book because of that. I also think she has an amazing imagination. Because the story in these books are just so amazing and unique and I loved it so much. The characters are also perfect. They didn't do stupid things to make me dislike them. I actually loved all of them.

I do not think it will be possible for me to talk about this book without spoiling the first one. Just so you know. Unbreakable it told from Janelle's point of view, like book one. And although I may have wanted more from Ben, I'm happy that we got to hear from just Janelle. Because she is an amazing main character. She's kind and strong and so brave. She's pretty bad-ass in this book. But she's also honest about it. Meaning she does not like hurting people and other things.. And I loved that about her. She's still her, even when so many things have changed. She may not agree, but still. That is the way I see her :)

This book starts four months after Unraveling ended. Four months after Ben left to go back to his own universe and his family. Four months since Alex died. Sobs. And four months since the world almost ended and changed so much. I loved getting to see how things were right now. How much the world had changed after the first book. How many people were dead or missing. It was heartbreaking. But I also loved it, because it seemed so real, and I can't help but think it might actually happen to us someday.

We see a bit more about Jared and Struz. I still love them both like crazy. They are just amazing. Not in this book that much, but enough to make me love them even more. We also see more about Janelle's friend Cecily. I enjoyed reading about her. She's sweet and kind and she's always helping people. An amazing character. Things aren't going all too well in their universe right now. People are going missing. Lots of people. And they can't figure out why or how it happens. And that's when Barclay shows up.

I'm still not sure how I feel about him. I read that someone said they loved him more than Ben. Made me a bit sad, because I can't imagine loving anyone in these books more than Ben. But I did think  that Barclay was awesome. He's in this book a lot. He is not a love interest, thank god. There is no triangle in this book. Anyway. He's pretty awesome. He's very.. strong, I suppose. He does a lot of stuff. Some bad, some good. We get to learn more about him. And I did enjoy reading about him in this book.

Unraveling takes place in seven days. I'm not going to talk too much about the plot. But it's mostly about Janelle and Barclay trying to find however is doing the kidnapping of the missing people. There is a lot of action and excitement. There is a lot of everything. Well, okay, there isn't enough romance. And that made me so sad. Because Ben isn't in this book very much. Sniffs. But I loved when he did get there. And there is a little bit of romance, and it's just so sweet. I just love them both so much. Sigh. <3

While there is little of Ben in this book we still sort of get enough about him. He's just so amazing. There was one scene that kind of broke my heart, because there are human doubles in this book. In the different universes. And it broke me. Sigh. But it was still kind of awesome. Anyway. Ben is amazing. He's sweet and all kinds of awesome. He's very protective. And I love that about him. I also loved reading about Elijah. I think he too is pretty amazing. But oh. Ben is just perfect. Loved him so much.

I don't know what else to say about this book. Unbreakable was an amazing sequel. Full of heartbreak and action and some romance. There is so much happening all the time. I loved it. There are lots of new characters, and I hated some of them. There are mysteries. And yeah. I loved every moment of this book. We learn more about the other universes, yet not enough. I just want more and more. But anyway. This is an amazing book and I loved it very much. Loved seeing more of Janelle and Ben.

I want a sequel to Unbreakable. There don't need to be, because I'm not sure what the danger would be, but I want to know what happens next to all the characters. Like Janelle's mother. What did happen to her? I want to know. And Ben. I need so much more of Ben. Would be so happy with just a small short story from the future told by Ben. <3 Or Janelle. Either would be perfect. Would also just love a sequel that focus on rebuilding their broken world. I want that a lot. Sigh. I just want everything and more :)

I'm giving this a five star. Despite being sad about so little Ben. Because Janelle was amazing, and I could not stop reading this book. I found everything to be exciting and I just loved it a lot. Not sure if I loved it more than the first book, because of lack of Ben. But the action and the fast pace was a lot better in this book, and I'm so glad I read it. When there was no Ben, I felt like maybe a four point five. But no. A five star it is, because I did love the book. You really need to read Unbreakable right away.


  1. I wasn't sure about Barclay at first, but I really liked him by the end. Not the same way I like Ben, though. No one compares to Ben. ;) I was so relieved when he finally came back into the picture! I wish we had a little more of him too, but I did really like this one overall. Awesome review, darling!

  2. I think I'm looking forward to this book more than about any other one right now. I love this series and agree that Elizabeth is an amazing author. Thanks for making me even more impatient for the library to get this in.

  3. Ben sounds great, and I can't wait to fall for him!

  4. Oh I still have to pick this up, but for the same reasons as you Carina, I don't think I'm ready to say goodbye to this series just yet. I'm glad that you still enjoyed this despite there not being enough Ben. Wonderful review! :)


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