Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mini Review: Undone by Elizabeth Norris

Undone is a must read before you read Unbreakable. And I'm really glad I did so. This is a short story told from Ben's point of view, and it's in three parts. We get to see a bit about Ben's life before he saved Janelle. Then when he saves her. And then after he left her at the end of Unraveling. That was the best and worst part. It's an amazing novella; I loved it very much.

I just loved reading from Ben's point of view. And I want more. Although I'm pretty sure that all of Unbreakable is from Janelle's point of view, but I still hope. It was just amazing getting into his head and seeing some things from his eyes. And yeah. It made me fall even more in love with him, because Ben is all kinds of amazing. He's just so kind and protective and strong.

The first story is a few chapters of Ben's life when he stepped through the portal at age ten. It was pretty awesome to read about. Not that much about it, but it was enough. Then the second part is about when they open another portal that ends up bringing a car that crashes into Janelle. And we see how Ben saves her. Yeah. That was pretty amazing. Not too long either, but I loved it. Then the third part. It's longer, and it's when Ben and Elijah have left Janelle. We see them get back into their own universe.

And it's hard. Life is not the way Ben and Elijah always expected. They aren't happy there. And oh. It kind of broke my heart, all the things we learned. About Ben's family. And Elijah's father. And everything that happened in the seven years they were gone. Yet I also loved it. I loved that Ben and Elijah weren't happy there. But oh. Something awful happens. And the ending of this short story broke my heart so much. Really, truly heartbreaking. Yet awesome. And I kind of really loved it. Sigh. I'm weird like that.

This is an amazing novella. Undone is perfect. And you all need to read it if you have read the first book, Unraveling, and if you are planning on reading Unbreakable. Because it's awesome. And Ben is amazing and just sigh. This was perfect. And I'm so glad I read it. Will now be reading Unbreakable, and I cannot wait. <3 Yet I'm a bit worried, because I've read somewhere that there is much less Ben. And that kind of breaks my heart. And yet I cannot wait, because I know it will be so amazing. <3


  1. I love the cover. Sounds like a good series. Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Yay, glad to hear the novella was great. I haven't started this series but I want to.


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