Thursday, May 2, 2013

Review: Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta

I've been meaning to read this book for ages. Ever since I first read a book by Melina. Then today I finally picked it up. And it was worth it. Not as good as Jellicoe Road, but still really amazing, and I enjoyed reading it a whole lot. I'm giving it a four star, probably a four point five, because I did love it. <3

I don't know how to talk about this book. What I should talk about and what I shouldn't talk about. I'll just give it a go. First there is the writing, which I really love. Melina is just a really amazing author, and I just love reading her books. Saving Francesca is written really well, and I loved that a whole lot.

It's told from one person's point of view, Francesca. I did love her a whole lot. She's kind of sweet and she's loving and protective. I really loved her relationship with her younger brother, Luca. They were just adorable together, and I loved it so much. She is an amazing person, but she's also really unhappy. Which I hated, but I also loved it a whole lot.

Francesca lives with her mom and dad and her brother. I just loved reading about them all together, because they seemed like such a perfect happy family. But things changes. Her mom gets depression. And it was all kinds of awful to read about. It made me cry and it made me feel all kinds of things. But I also loved it, because it was different, and I loved the way the family dealt and not dealt with it all. It's an amazing book with an amazing story about a family. I adored it. It's also about being a teenager.

Francesca goes to an all-boys school. Which was kind of awesome to read about. And a bit disturbing. There is only about 30 girls going to this school, which was a bit sad, but also amazing. I loved reading about it. At first she hates it, but she starts to like it after some time. Kind of. There is just lots of things happening at this school. Lots of disgusting boys. Some cute and nice boys. And some amazing friendships. There's a basketball game I hated, a rugby game that depressed me. A bit of everything.

I loved reading about Francesca going to this school. Which I don't usually enjoy reading about. But I did now. We get to know a lot about her life, the school she went to before, her before-friends. And my god. I hated those girls. Really hated them. And it made me so sad that she had been friends with them before. It kind of broke my heart. But then it got mended again. Because we meet so many amazing new girls. And I loved all of them. They are very different and amazing and I just adored them all so much.

There are also boys in this book. There is Thomas, who I found to be a tiny bit disgusting at times, but he grew on me. Ended up loving him. He was just such an amazing friend. Then there was Jimmy, whom I'm still unsure about. But he too was an amazing friend. Then there is the love interest, Will. I did love it. But I also wish there had been a bit more romance and a tiny bit less drama. But I loved every second of it, still. Because there is a small romance. And it is really sweet and amazing. Will is an amazing guy.

There are so many things happening in this book. There is lots of sad things. Depression. Heartbreak. Arguing. But there are also funny and sweet and loving moments. I loved all of them. Might have wished the book had been a bit more, but I didn't mind that much. Because it was a great read, and I'm so glad I read it. You really should read this book if you have read Melina's other books :D She writes really well. The story in this book is heartbreaking and full of meaning. I loved it to pieces. You need to go buy it.


  1. Seems like something everyone can enjoy. From what you're saying, it looks very poignant and worth the time.

  2. Heartbreaking and full of meaning sounds like a winner to me


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