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Book Recommendation: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

I've been meaning to re-read Of Poseidon ever since I got an ARC of Of Triton in the mail at the end of January. But I've been worried. Because while I do remember liking this book a lot, I also remembered two things that I did not like, that broke my heart a bit. I still had issues with those two things. But. It was not as awful as I had imagined, so I should have re-read it long ago :) And I am glad I read it again. Though, yes, I still hate those two things. But the book is also really amazing. Think I enjoyed it more.

I'm not sure how to start this sort of second review of mine. I'm not sure what I'm going to talk about. Will talk a tiny bit about the plot and characters, I think. Of Poseidon is told from two different points of views. By Emma and Galen. I did enjoy reading from them both, although I preferred Galen. The book starts with the two young people meeting on a beach, with Emma walking right into Galen. I found that a bit fun and a bit sweet, but mostly embarrassing, cause that's what Emma was feeling the whole time.

Emma is in Florida with her best friend Chloe. And I did like that. But then something awful happens. Chloe dies. Because of a shark. Which is where this story begins. Galen is at the beach with his sister, Rayna, when he sees Emma. He's sort of a part of the whole shark thing. And I did like reading about it. Because it was unique and pretty exciting. Then time passes. And we learn some awesome things about Galen, which ends up with him kind of stalking/following Emma all the way to her home and school.

You see, Galen is a merman. Although he does not like that word. He's a Syrena, from the kingdom of Poseidon. We learn a lot about that place. I did enjoy it, for the most part :D And we learn so much about Galen. I loved every moment. We learn about his fin, how he swims in the water. Which I just adored and loved reading about. We learn what happens when he stays on land too much. We learn a lot about his family. His sister Rayna whom I kind of loved. And his brother Grom, whom I'm unsure about.

I just loved reading about Galen so much. He's an amazing character. He's sweet and so protective. He's doing everything for his kingdom. And I loved that. It's just.. I wished sometimes that he would just say screw it. And let the kingdom handle things themself. But I'm also glad he didn't, because it makes him such an amazing person. So yeah. I loved Galen. Then there is his best friend, Toraf. Who's in love with Rayna. Enjoyed reading about him. But I hated something he did. So, so much. Not sure I can forgive.

Then there is Emma. I'm still unsure about her, to be honest. I did like her. And I liked reading from her point of view. She's a strong character, and I did want her to be with Galen. But my god. She made me so crazy. And I got it. Sort of. She was hurt. But even so. I wish she had been stronger, and said and did what she wanted. But she didn't, and it ended up with my heart broken. I hated that one part. But I still can't hate Emma, not really. Because I did like her, and I felt for her most of the time. Sort of loved her.

That is all I have to say about the characters. There are a few more of them, and I did enjoy reading about them all. Except for Mark. Ugh. Yeah. I just hope that there won't be any more of that drama in Of Triton. Pretty please. But anyway. I did enjoy this book a lot. Might have had a few issues with the way things were written a few times, but not much, and I loved the writing. It was an easy book to read. And I'm really glad I read it. Recommending this book for you if you love mermaids, cause it's awesome.

Not sure what else I can say about the plot. I don't want to spoil anything. But it is really amazing. I loved reading about the Syrena people, and the way things were for them. I need more of that in the sequel. I loved reading about Galen in the water. I loved reading about Emma with the fishes. I loved the surprises in this book. Yeah. I just thought that this book was amazing. Also, I adore Anna Banks. Did you see her pre-order special for Of Triton on her blog? If not, you need to go look right away :)


  1. Haven´t read this yet but already have it here ;) Sounds interesting

  2. I haven't had any luck with mer stories since I discovered YA so I'm a little hesitant. I might give it a try soon, though.

  3. It really is interesting so see how your thoughts change when you re-read a book. I don't do it often because I hate knowing what will happen next, but watching my own different reactions makes me want to re-read more.

    I have heard all good things about this book, and the fact that you loved the surprises intrigues me. Of Poesidon is sounding better and better!

  4. The plot does sound amazing and I loved hearing what you had to say about the characters. I just LOVE the cover! I hope to read this one soon!

  5. Very neat. I am intrigued. Added this to my Goodreads shelf. Thank you for recommending :)

  6. I still haven't gotten around to reading the first one in this series. I seem to have absolutely no luck with mermaid books but you make this series sound great. All of the great characters and action sure sounds like it makes for a great story. Fabulous review!

    Cath Brookes (Limo in Seattle)


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