Friday, May 24, 2013

Mini Review: Mal's Letter & The Tailor by Leigh Bardugo

I'm not really sure if this counts as a review. Since Mal's Letter is really short, and The Tailor is also just a few pages. But oh. They were perfect and I need to talk a bit about them both. Won't be too long, since they are really short. But amazing. You should also know that I really adore Leigh. She's amazing, and she's written these perfect books. And of course Mal. Swoon. I just love all of it.

First there is Mal's Letter, which you can find in the new Shadow and Bone paperback. As you can probably guess it's told from Mal's point of view. Which I loved so much. I just wish it had been even longer, because I love Mal so much, and it was amazing to read from him. Even though it's only a letter that he wrote to Alina. And yet it is amazing. We get to see a bit more into his head, which I loved. We get to know more about his journey to finding the Morozova's stag. It was interesting and awesome to read about.

There isn't really that much else in this short story. Wanted even more. But I'm so happy with what I did get. Because it's perfect. Mal is perfect. Just, sigh. I'm now dying even more for book three, Ruin and Rising. <3 Since I've already read and loved Siege and Storm. So good. Need to re-read it soon. My favorite character in these books are of course Mal. He's just amazing. And I loved getting to read more about him. I also love his relationship with Alina. Before when they were children, and now. It's just so amazing. Loved every part of it. I just need to read more of Mal and Alina together. Need it :)

The Tailor is told from Genya's point of view. I still don't know how I feel about her. She's done t at the end of Siege and Storm.. sobs. Yeah. I kind of loved her then. I need more of her in Ruin and Rising. I do feel sorry for her. But while reading this short story I also felt hate for her. Because she did something awful, at least to me, and I'm not sure I can ever forgive her for it. It was just cruel. Sniffs. But I do still like her. Sort of. I'm confused.

I enjoyed reading The Tailor. There is this spoiler from Shadow and Bone, though. Remember the letters Alina wrote to Mal? Yeah. We find out what happens to those. Sobs. That just broke my heart. I hadn't actually given it much thought while reading the book. But now I can't help it, and it's breaking my heart a bit. It's really sad. Sobs.

Anyway. I did enjoy reading from Genya's point of view. She's kind of awesome. We also see a bit more of the Darkling in this short story. I still don't like him. But yeah. He is interesting. We learn a bit more about Genya and her relationship with the Queen. And some more things about the King. Ugh. Mostly I just loved reading more from the Grisha world. And reading something written by Leigh. I loved both these short stories. And you all need to read them if you have read Shadow and Bone. <3 I cannot wait to read her next short story, The Too-Clever Fox. Not the same characters, but still :) I'm really dying to read it. I think it will be amazing, just like everything else.


  1. *sigh* Mal is just amazing. <3 I really need to get the US PB, even if it is just for that letter. Thanks for sharing your mini review! ^^

  2. It all depends on what it's classified as. I've written one short story review and have another on the way. Regardless, what you read is what you read and this is a good review!

  3. Short readings can be lots of fun and I love to find out extra information about the characters I know. :)


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