Saturday, July 31, 2021

In My Mailbox #508

I have been feeling pretty meh this week. We had only one day with almost heat, nothing much at all. Aw. Now back to cold and less than 10C outside. Siiiigh. I want real summer. Hmph. But I suppose I live in the wrong place for that, haha :) I haven't gotten much done this week. Just taken it easy. Fuly dreading my upcoming surgery, and thinking too much about it. But should go fine, hopefully. Just, yeah. Not feeling like doing anything else. Hope it'll change :) This week I'm waiting on Daughter of the Deep. <3 Stay safe.

The Ones We're Meant to Find. Since my first paperback had damages, I got a new one. So so pretty. <3
Heart of Iron. Eee! Thank you so much Ashley :D I won this gorgeous and those artcards. So precious.
Pop Figures. A few more pop figures, haha :D Lilo and Baby are so very cute. Sigh. Love my wizard too.
Animal Crossing. Eeee! A whole bunch of new things :D Activity book from bookdepo, so that one was cheap, and so very gorgeous. Album 4 from a Norwegian site, and not at all cheap. Shudders. But I so neeeeded it. Sigh. Now just missing album 2 :D Ahh! Need it SO badly. Sigh. Anyone? And couldn't resist buying Amiibo Festival from that site too, oops. As I didn't own it. Love the figures and the cards. Sigh :)

More Instagram photos here. <3

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