Saturday, February 6, 2021

In My Mailbox #483

Another week gone by super fast. Ack. Whoops. I still have not started reading Winterkeep. Ahh. And tomorrow it has been a week since I finished re-reading Bitterblue. Sigh. I'm so behind. But been feeling all kinds of awful these days, so have not been in the mood to read. Feeling hopeful for tomorrow, though, that I might get to at least start it. Since I had a super bad day yesterday, I started watching Sweet Home on Netflix. And oh my gosh, I'm loving it. Okay. I finished it before I finished writing this post. And oh god. Sweet Home was so goddamn good. Watched it in Korean. And it was perfection. Such a great story and perfect characters. Main boy killed me with his story. What even. Please be a second season. Hmph. Got a few books this week. <3 And the most amazing thing I was so lucky to order one of last week. Sigh. Am now ready to re-watch Lord of the Rings, extended edition, in 4K for the first time, ahh :D But yeah. Not yet. I need to read Winterkeep first. Hmph. So yeah. Hoping to start soon. A couple of new blog posts. I shared my review of Bitterblue. <3 And this week I'm waiting on Dog Star :) Hope you are all doing great.

The Girl From Widow Hills. Oh. I had forgotten to buy it last summer. Thankfully, still 1st ed. Loved this.
King of Scars. New pretty US paperback edition. <3 Okay, I have yet to read it, and own so many copies.
The Midnight Lie. Oops. Behind on buying this stunning new UK paperback. Such a great book too. <3
Tenet. I haven't seen this yet. Robert Pattinson. Sigh. So bought the 4K steelbook edition, ha :) Excited.
Playstation 5. Oh. My gosh. I was still heartbroken about not being able to buy this back in November, which I thought would be easy and possible. Haaa. Yeah. So I was kind of prepared to wait for months still to get it. Then I googled a little, found a Norwegian discussion site, and stalked a few websites all day long for a couple of days. And then. Suddenly, it was possible to buy from one of those sites last week, for just five minutes. And I made it. Ahh. I am so happy. Sigh. My very first Playstation :) Just.. sad, as I was not fast enough to get one for my nephew too. And he is a little heartbroken. And I don't want him to have to wait months now either. Sigh. So will still be paying attention, hoping to get lucky once more. Oh.

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