Saturday, February 27, 2021

In My Mailbox #486

It has been another week already. I wish I could say that this week have been great for me, but it really truly has not. Sigh. As if I didn't have enough pain in my body already, this week gave me more. Infection in my mouth. Infection in both my big toes. Still nauseous at times. Stomach bad again. Headaches. I am goddamn tired of all of this pain. But I'm doing my best, as good as I can. Today I finally started reading a new book too. And I actually read all of it today. What even. Writing my review now. I'm happy. <3 But all of me hurts worse now. Sigh. Also got some stunning bookish mail this week, which I'm pleased about :) This week I'm waiting on Namesake. <3 And I will be posting my review of The Ones We're Meant to Find before midnight :) Just wanted to share this post first. I hope you are all doing well and staying safe. <3

Reaper of Souls. I still have not read book one. Oops. But now I have both, so hoping to read them soon.
Dragon Fury. Was too late to pre-order this, so finally got to buy it :D So behind, but own them all, ha. <3
Winterkeep. Eee. Had to order from a Norwegian sites to get these paperbacks, but worth it. Gorgeous.
Chain of Iron. Oh gods. I own too many copies of this book. My god. But still ordered this new UK pback.
The Hobbit 4K. I couldn't not buy this edition too, haha. LotR is my favorite, but love these movies too. <3

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