Saturday, February 13, 2021

In My Mailbox #484

This week have gone by so fast to me. I shared last week that I had just finished watching Sweet Home. And now I have watched it again; I watched it twice in less than a week. Sigh. Was so goddamn perfect. And I can't wait to watch it again, haha :) Waiting longer for next watch, though. And oh, please let there be a season two. I need more, so badly. I also finally read Winterkeep early this week, so yay for that :) I have a bunch of books to read next, and will start with an eARC, I think. Just not ready just yet. As I am currently re-watching Lord of the Rings trilogy, extended, in 4K on my PS5. <3 Sigh. So excited. One left. So might, maybe, read tomorrow. Will see :) Also got some pretty mail this week. Eee. I shared my review of Winterkeep. <3 This week I'm waiting on Curse of the Phoenix :) I hope you are all doing good and still staying safe. <3 The world is still a sucky place. I'm still thankful to have a town with close to zero corona, so I am still safe. And doing mostly good too. Health is just meh these days. But still okay despite this :)

The Iron Raven. I am a little behind on these books, but I so loved The Iron Fey books back then, eee. <3
Winterkeep UK ARC. Omg. Thank you so much Rachael for trading with me :D AHH! It is so gorgeous.
Payback. Eee. So excited for this final book :D Okay, still need to read book two, but will one day soonish.
The Project. EEE. Been waiting forever and ever for this book, haha. I'm hoping to read it very shortly :D
Spider-Man Miles Morales. One day I shall play this on my PS5 :D Eee. It do look pretty much amazing.

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  1. I kinda want to read The Iron Raven, start my obsession with that series again.

    happy reading!


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