Sunday, January 31, 2021

Review: Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore

It took me longer to re-read this third book in the trilogy. Simply because it hurts me more. It was my fifth read. I still love this so very much. It is my least favorite of the three, yet I love it beyond words. The pain is just too much at times. And yet. All of the pain and hurt is what I love most about this book too. So fully perfect.

Bitterblue is a completely stunning book. The writing is amazing. The world so good. And the characters kill me at all times. What I love most is that this one is very much a direct sequel to both Graceling and Fire. And we see more of pretty much all of them, though Bitterblue is the main person, and it is her point of view.

This book is all kinds of long. And there is so much happening at all times. Okay, it may have been a little slow, but I did not mind at all. Bitterblue very much needed a little rest. So much happen from beginning to end, though. This is a book of hurt. A book of truth and lies. Of Bitterblue trying to be the best queen, without knowing those who are supposed to be helping her are actually hurting her most. We first got to know Bitterblue at ten years old in Graceling. When her father, Leck, died. This time she is eighteen. Trying her best to rule. Not knowing anything beyond her castle. So she starts sneaking out. And she learns so much. About how her city is suffering, and new things about herself. I loved how Bitterblue grew wiser and more caring through this.

Bitterblue was all kinds of amazing and I adored her so. So much goes wrong for her in this book. And I loved every moment. Oops. There is so much hurt, though, and that just hurt me. So good, but so painful. Learning more about what Leck did during his thirty-five year reign. All the people hurt and killed. All the books destroyed, traditions left forgotten. He ruined the city of Monsea. And Bitterblue is left to pick up the pieces. Which was not at all an easy thing to do. But oh, how much I loved reading about it all. Sigh.

What I loved most was all the friends she has. Po and Katsa. Giddon and Raffin and Bann. Helda and Madlen. They were all precious and Bitterblue loved and needed them so. I will not say that much about this book. Only that I loved re-reading it. It has been almost four years since my last read. Had forgotten small details, but remembered everything important. That did not stop this book from hurting me all over again. There is so much going on. I cannot describe it. My heart is full and broken because of this story.

There are so many new characters in this book. So many that I loved so much. There was Saf, his best friend Teddy and their sisters. All adorable. There was Hava, whom I loved very much. There was Fox, whom I was always curious yet suspicious about. We got to know those around Bitterblue, those who had more control over her kingdom. Like Thiel. And I can't even talk about him. It hurts way too much. I liked him, I hated him. He was so full of pain. The people around him too. This whole book was full of pain. Oh.

I will be honest and say that I think the reason for why I like Graceling and Fire more than Bitterblue is because of the romance. Po and Katsa and Brigan and Fire were perfection. And in this one there was Saf. I did love him, a whole lot. But he was not perfect. He had no problem with hurting Bitterblue; hurt her soul. And that bothered me. That pain hurt me the most. He got better, but I never really forgave that. Okay, he kind of had a reason for doing so. As she did hurt him first. But the reason for that was a must.

I just saw on my goodreads that none of the friends I have on there have read this book. And I so cannot understand that at all. It is a must read if you have read Graceling and Fire. It is the book that binds them all together. It even has all the same characters, just a little older. And we learn so much about Leck and his reign. Things I never wanted to know, yet needed to know at the same time. Bitterblue was a perfect book. I am so glad that I have re-read this trilogy. They mean so much to me. Can't wait for Winterkeep.

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