Thursday, January 21, 2021

Review: Graceling by Kristin Cashore

For so many years now Graceling have been my most favorite book of all time. That is still the case. I can't believe I again let it go over three years before I re-read it. Almost four now. This was my sixth time reading this book. And I am so happy that I finally read it again. Because it is still my favorite. It is still fully perfect.

And that makes me the happiest. I will not be writing such a long review of this precious book. As I am sure I have already said it all before, many times. I just cannot stop loving this story. And I cannot wait to re-read the next two books as well, before at last getting to read Winterkeep, a brand new story. Beyond excited.

There is so much I could write down about this book. But that would take me forever, and it would mostly just be me fangirling over every part of this book that I love. I can't believe it has been nine years since I first read this perfect book. And I'm so thrilled that I still love it just as much as I did then. The writing is still so amazing. The characters still take my breath away. I love them all so much. And the story is still all kinds of epic and dangerous and so very good. The romance still kills me the most. Katsa and Po are the perfect couple and I just love them to pieces. Reading about their growing romance was the best to me. Reading about Katsa fighting things was all kinds of incredible too. So loved the scene with the mountain cat. I loved their sea journey.

I will not go over the plot of everything this time. Will only share a little of my favorite things. Starting with Katsa and Po. Them meeting and getting to know each other was the best thing. Seeing them becoming friends, training their fighting together, it was fully good. And then becoming something more. I shipped them the most. And their romance was perfection. It starts early in the book, and I was thankful for that. Reading about the two of them together was my most favorite part of the book. I just love them so much.

But getting to know them was also incredible. Katsa has the Grace of killing. At least, that is what she thinks. I loved her getting to know herself better, trusting herself more. It was so good to read about. I loved her friends too. I loved learning about Po, and the secret of his true Grace. Which was incredible. Simply loved these two characters the most. Then they meet the young Bitterblue. She was so fierce and small, and I loved her so. Their friendship was the best thing too. So much bad happens. My poor heart.

The sad parts of this book still killed me. When they had to leave Po behind. It broke me. And it was so good. And learning about King Leck, and his powers over his kingdom. It still kills me how awful that was. And how much worse it will become in Bitterblue. Such a well written story and villain. This whole book was perfection to me. And I will never stop loving it. Shall not write much more about it. Just that I very much love this world created. I love these characters so much. Hope Katsa and Po will be in Winterkeep.

Okay, a small confession. I once again took so long to re-read this amazing series because I still have hurt feelings over a small thing that happened years ago. There is so reason why I should be hurt by it at all. But I am. And it is so slow to go away, probably because I'm a Taurus, and we hold our grudges until we die. Yeah. But I am slowly making myself get over this small hurt. I am not letting it make me dislike my most favorite book. It's just making me re-read them less than I should. How rude. I must get better.

But finally made myself start reading them again. And I am so happy that I did so. Graceling is still my favorite book of all time. It is still the one that makes my heart race. Okay, I might love Fire just as much, but will know that for sure once I read it again in a moment. If I might love it more than Graceling. But I do not think so. They are both perfection, though. And I'm just so glad that this series exists. If you still have not read this most incredible book then you are for real missing out on the best adventure. Go read this.

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  1. I remember this book being very popular a few years back but I never took a chance to read its blurp and it sounds so interesting! And the love you've put into writing this review certainly makes me want to read it more :)

    Great review!
    Sara @ Sara In Bookland


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