Thursday, January 14, 2021

Review: Serpentine by Philip Pullman

There was no way that I would not be reading this newest Lyra short story by Philip. And I finally had the chance to do so. As with his other ones, this was so very short. Which was a little sad, as I would have loved to stay in Lyra's mind a little longer. But it was still such a great short story. I did love it very much.

Giving it five stars. Too short, though. But perfect even so. And the illustrations by Tom Duxbury were incredibly gorgeous. So many of them too, mostly of Lyra and Pan. Pretty. Since it was so short, I'm only sharing a little bit about it. I am such a huge fan of the His Dark Materials trilogy. It's simply the best series.

I loved La Belle Sauvage too. Still not happy about The Secret Commonwealth, though. But I still have hope that book three will be better, that it will make the second one better. Oh, how I hope. It can go a very wrong way too, which I very much hope not. Because of my love of these books, of course I needed to read this very short story too. There is little happening. It takes place one year after Lyra's Oxford, so when she is a teenager. She and Pan have travelled north again. I liked reading about how the north had changed, after the war. It is not the same. We get to see more of Lyra and Pan together, and they are the cutest. Already starting to grow apart, which I still do not approve of. I'm still angry. It better be ten times better in book three. Hmph.

Nothing much happened in Serpentine. It was a gorgeous little book. With stunning artwork. The writing was amazing too, which is always the case with books by Philip Pullman. I just wish it had been longer. But even so, I loved this little peek at teenage Lyra and Pan. Loved learning a little more about the north again too. If you are a fan of this trilogy, like I am, then I very much think you should read this adorable small book too. I just wish there will be news about the third Book of Dust soon. My heart is so worried.

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