Monday, August 24, 2020

Review: The Other Side of the Sky by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

Oh. This feeling is what I want every book that I read to give me. It is the feeling of perfection. The feeling of such happiness. This book was everything to me. Every part of it was perfect. I loved it beyond words. Okay, that cliffhanger ending killed me, but gosh, how good it all was. Sigh. Five stars for this most precious book.

I knew I had to read this book when it was first announced. I very much love both authors and their books, together and not. Their writing is so good. Was even more perfect in this. It looked fully gorgeous. And sounded so very good. And I am so happy that I read this precious thing. Because it meant the very most to me.

Also, how gorgeous is that cover? I do not think I have ever seen prettier people on book covers. Nimh and North are so stunning. And I simply can't wait to own this book for myself when it comes out in just a few short weeks. I was not really prepared for how epic and amazing this book would be. I was not at all prepared for how much I would love both characters and how stunning the romance would be. Without them ever touching each other. Oh. This story was the best. And the worst at times too. I am not sure I can survive waiting for book two after that rude ending. I must know what happens next. Okay, it ended pretty amazingly. But so very evil. Book two will be incredible and I cannot wait for it. This world created was so very well written and so exciting.

There is so much I wish to share about this book. And even more I will forget about, which is always the case with books that I love. But where do I even begin with this book. I shall not write too much about it, as I do not want to spoil anything. This book tells the story of Nimh and North. He is a prince living on a floating island in the sky. His people have been there for so long, never looking down at the world below. Nimh lives on the ground, as the one living divine goddess among her people. They are so very different.

And reading about them meeting each other was the very best. Eee. But first, getting to know them both. They were so interesting and exciting to read about. North lived in the sky, where his people had all kinds of technology available. Almost like our world. Nimh lived on the ground, with no technology. With magic instead. Which was way better, in my opinion, haha. This book starts with learning a bit about them both. And then North falls from the sky in his self-made glider. Someone had sabotaged him; he couldn't stop.

They end up meeting because Nimh travelled at that time to look for a miracle to save her people. And she ended up finding North. And oh, how I loved these two the most. They were with each other for pretty much the whole book. And it was so good. No stupid drama, no hurt, no pain. Okay, a little hurt, but it was so good. I so loved how they began having feelings for each other. And how this was impossible between them. It was beyond good. I shipped them more than anything. And their growing friendship was the best.

Nimh has been the living goddess for her people since she was five years old. When the divinity chose her as its vessel. Her world have always had one divine person. A person who could help everyone. The last one was a healer, able to heal anything. And now there is Nimh. She cannot do a single thing. Which is not usual. And her people are losing faith in her. Which was the worst to read about. Nimh was lonely. Shut away. Being a goddess meant she could never touch anyone. Ever. Or she would lose her divinity.

And then North was there. And all she wants is to touch him. He is different to her, as he is the only one she has met that does not know her. And he falls for her quickly too. And just. Sigh. I wanted these two together so badly. Yet they never touch in this book. Not once. It was still the most perfect thing. And I so hope there will be touching in book two. And lots of it, haha. Anyway. I have not mentioned the plot much. And I will not. Nimh is searching for a miracle. North is searching for a way home. At least, he was at first.

There was so much that I loved about this book. I'm not mentioning all of it. But gosh. There was magic. And it was so awesome. There were other great characters too that I loved. This book has a special cat through this whole story. The bindle cat. And oh my gosh, this was the most adorable thing. I have a cat myself and always love reading about them. Sigh. This cat was most adorable and cute. And helped them a few times too. He was way too precious. And still alive, ha. I loved this book with the whole of my heart.

One of the things that I loved very much about this story was how diverse it was. The main characters are not white. And I loved that. They were also not all straight, and I loved that too. There are mentions of the main boy having planned on making a three with his two best friends, boy and girl. Which wasn't possible because of him being royal. But they all wanted it. And I loved how this was included in this book, how it was normal in this world. To me, at least, all was written well and this book included so much. All so good.

The Other Side of the Sky was everything I want in a book and so much more. It took me completely by surprise. I knew I would love it, but I did not know that I would love it this much. I did not know how much the story would mean to me. How exciting I would find everything to be. Just, gosh. This book was every bit of perfect to me. And I so cannot wait to know what happens next. Biggest thank you to the publisher, HarperTeen, for the auto-approval on Edelweiss. So glad that I read this precious book. You need it too.

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