Saturday, August 1, 2020

In My Mailbox #456

This week have been so very busy. But so good too. Have spent many days outside; as we finally got a bit of heat and sun :) It's been so good. Eee. <3 And finally finished my re-read and read of The School for Good and Evil series :D Ahh! Read them all in July. So happy. They are the best books. So much love. <3 But also happy to be finished, haha. As I have so many movies I want to watch now :) So on a small reading break, so I can watch some movies, finally. New blog posts this week :) I shared my review of A Crystal of Time :D This week I'm waiting on City of Spells :) I shared about the cover reveal for The Island :) Then I shared my review of One True King. <3 Sigh. No catching up just yet, as I do not have any time left at all. Not even for my spa bath most days. How rude. But doing good. And so far safe too, but that seems to be changing in Norway these days. Sigh. I hope you are all okay. <3 And enjoying summer :)

Igniting Darkness. This gorgeous thing arrived days ago, early :D Must re-read all books first, oops. <3
TRUEL1F3. Eee. I need to re-read book one very soon, to finally finish this trilogy :D I have peeked. Sigh.
Darkdawn. US paperback for this one too :D I know.. I haven't read it. Sigh. I may never, haha. Still. Love.
Immunity. Eee. US paperback is out. My gosh. This duology was beyond perfection. The best books. <3
The Iron Daughter. Second new special edition :D It looks so gorgeous. I love these new covers so much.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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