Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Review: Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers

This book made my heart hurt. It was such a painful story. And I loved every moment of it. I just could not stop reading this book. And I am so happy that I finally got to reading it. As it was worth every moment of my heart being in pain. This book was so real and honest. Which is why all the painful parts hurt so very badly.

Writing was stunning, which it always is with books by Courtney. Getting to know Regina pretty much killed me. She is in her last year of high school. She is a part of the fearsome fivesome. Five girls that everyone at school hates but are also too scared not to love. They are five girls that make other people hurt just for fun.

This is a story about what girls are willing to do to make each other hurt. It is a book full of pain and revenge. It is so hurtful to read at times. And I could not help but love every moment of it. I must say that the high school part of the book felt so real. How every rumor hurt. How everyone believed something if one girl said it was so. How it felt like Regina wanted to die because of how bad the bullying got. But then there was the dilemma about how to feel about her. Possible to love her and hate her. She is the victim in this one, but she was the one ruining people just before. She hurt so many, because Anna said so. She felt guilt over some of the things but that was not enough. Regina was not a nice person. And yet I loved every part of her despite all of it.

The book begins with Regina almost being raped by her best friends boyfriend. He was an awful person. And Regina is traumatized by this. She goes to one of her friends, who tell her to keep quiet about it, that her best friend wouldn't understand. Then the weekend pass. Back at school on Monday every one of her friends are freezing her out. Everyone is calling her the worst names. It turns out this friend told her best friend that Regina had slept with her boyfriend. Which was not true at all. It was so painful to read about.

Which is what this book is all about. It is about Regina being tortured at school by the girls that were her friends. Over something that didn't even happen. They do such awful things to her. And yet it is nothing that she herself hasn't done to others before this. Which is why this book is so painful. Because Regina really was not a nice person for so long. But after everyone start hating on her alone, she changes more. She becomes more aware of what she has done. Somewhat. Either way, I could not help care about her.

Then there was Michael. The loner boy she has to sit next to at lunch. The boy who is all alone because she made him so when he was new at the school. She and her friends treated him so bad back then. And now Regina needs his help to get through the day. They slowly get to know each other. He slowly start to stop hating her. And they grow to care for each other. Michael was better than anyone in this book. She may not have deserved him all the time, but gosh, how badly I shipped them and wanted them together.

This book was not easy, though. Anna and Kara make life rough for Regina. Especially once she starts hanging out with Michael. We learn so much about all of them. I loved Michael the very most. And I loved Regina too. She is so anxious and has so many issues and I loved all of her. And her story with Liz was way too heartbreaking. I may not have liked Liz, but I also did not blame her one bit. And then there was Josh. Regina's boyfriend. Who left her just like that, believing everything. Hmph. I did not like him one bit.

Although Regina had been awful, she still did not deserve everything that happened to her in this book. Ack. But so many of the characters that were hurt in this book did not deserve it. And Regina was the cause of a lot of it, because she did not dare to say no to Anna. And, well. Anna deserved all the bad things. And it never happened. I am so bitter about that, haha. Anyway. I liked this book a whole lot. I loved reading about Regina and Michael spending time together. Those moments were the very best.

Four stars because I wanted more from the ending. Half a page was not good enough for me, haha. I so wish there was more. Sigh. It was good, but it could have been even better. I wanted more from certain people. I also found the drama to be a little too much at times, and some school parts were not really for me. But I also loved parts of the drama in this book, so it wasn't that bad. But yeah. It hurt my heart. And not always in a good way. So painful. But important. It is a book about a girl trying to do better, be better.

I have now read three books by Courtney this year. And am now all caught up with her books. They have all been amazing. And very much worth reading. Her books are so painful and honest and so good. She writes the best broken girls and I adore them all. I cannot wait to read more books by Courtney. I'm sure what she is writing next will be epic. Some Girls Are was just what I wanted it to be. Painful and fantastic at the same time. If you still haven't read this book by Courtney, then you really must get started. Worth it.

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