Saturday, February 1, 2020

In My Mailbox #430

This week has gone by all kinds of fast and been so exhausting but so good too. I spent almost the entire week sleeping at my sisters place, which was good. Back home now and had missed my bed so, haha :) But still managed to read one book this week. I made it to 7 books read in January. Eee. So happy about that. Though, well, the book I read was so bad. Which breaks my heart a little. Sigh. Shortly starting this middle grade book I'm super excited about. Hoping it will be perfect. I'm so far behind on everything, as always, but shall try doing some things this coming week. A few new blog posts. This week I'm waiting on The Queen's Assassin :D I shared my review of Wardens of Eternity. Ack. Hope you are all doing well :) I got so many gorgeous books this week. Sigh. Love. Still going on my daily walks. They are always good.

Scammed. Yay! I cannot wait to finally get to read this sequel soon :D Think I will re-read book one first.
The Deceivers. Stunning new paperback version. I do like these new covers a bunch. I loved this book.
The Mystwick School of Musicraft. Eee! Waited forever for this one, haha. Reading it next. Very excited.
Obsidio. Oops. New AUS small paperback edition :D I had to have this one too, haha. Love this series.
The Near Witch. Ack. I could not help but order this gorgeous new edition from Waterstones. Love it so.
Scarlet + Cress. Sigh. Two of four new stunning paperback editions :D AHH! I so love these new covers.
The Queen's Assassin. Eee! Thank you so much PRH International #partner for this gorgeous ARC :D
The Witcher. I couldn't help but buy this game for my Switch. Oops. I won't have time to play for a while.
Pop Figures. Eee. New gorgeous Disney ones. Harry Potter. And a new Gandalf. Sigh. Love them all, ha.

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