Thursday, August 8, 2019

Review: The Star Shepherd by Dan Haring & MarcyKate Connolly

I knew this book would be all kinds of adorable. And it very much was so. I have been waiting and wanting to read it for so long, as I have adored MarcyKate and her books for years. It is the first I have heard of Dan, but he seems amazing too. I simply adored this story they created together. And it was all kinds of incredible.

I have decided to give it four stars, even though I pretty much loved every part of this book. The writing was perfection. The artwork included so very beautiful and fitting with the story. All the characters were so very cute and great to read about. But four stars as I loved the first half more than I loved the second.

But this is not a bad thing. Because I found the ending of this book to be the most perfect thing. Happy and a little sad too. I truly wouldn't mind even more books about these too precious characters. There is so much I enjoyed about this book. It was such a great read and I adored these characters beyond words. The book is told from the point of view of eleven year old Kyro. Whom I loved the very most. He was way too adorable and so very loving and brave. But so sad too. And I loved that more than anything. For the past five years Kyro have been helping his father to save the stars. His mother was a star shepherd, but then she died. And now his father is doing it. But gosh, how I disliked his father. He should have taken better care of Kyro.

This book is a story about stars and stories and friendships and family. I loved reading about the history of everything. Kyro is a star shepherd with his father, rushing to save the stars when they fall down. They take them, put them in new castings and shoot them up in the sky again. There is a story about it all and it was so fun to read about and learn more about. I loved everything about the stars and how special they were and loved the work that Kyro had to do to save them. He was so good at it all too. I so loved his job.

He has been living a mostly quiet life with his father for years. With no friends, no other family. Except for Andra. She is the only person in the village that is nice to him, the only one that want to be his friend. Oh. Which was all kinds of heartbreaking to read about. As the other people in the village treat him so badly. It hurt my heart. Because Kyro was the sweetest person and deserved all the best. Sigh. But he had Andra. And that was the very best thing. She was sweet and kind and the very best friend. I adored her the most.

Reading about the friendship between Kyro and Andra was so good. They were mostly just so adorable together, haha. And I loved it so. I loved how she helped him with so much in this book. I loved how they were together, working together, talking together. It was the cutest. Kyro also had the most adorable little dog, Cypher. He was in the book the whole time and it was the very best thing. There are also a few other characters in this book, some that I adored, others that I did not. Hmph. But all interesting to read about.

There is so much going on in this book, even though it was not all that long. I will not be writing too much about it. But gosh, this story was all kinds of fun. I simply loved reading about Kyro and getting to know him more. He and Andra were the best. And everything about the stars were so interesting and exciting too. Different, and so well written. It was magical and so perfect to read about too. The only thing that I wanted more of in the second half of the book was the main characters, but I adored it all, despite that.

There were not only magical stars in this book. There were also some magical creatures. Some of them all kinds of horrible. It was so much fun to read about. I loved how Kyro dealt with everything, in the best way that he could. I'm having trouble finding the words to describe this book. Simply because I enjoyed it so much. And had such fun while reading it. It was so sad and a little heartbreaking at times, and I loved those moments so much. There was a small mystery too and it was written so good. I enjoyed everything.

The Star Shepherd was everything that I wanted it to be. This was such a fun and adorable middle grade story. Filled with stunning characters and an exciting plot. I loved the stars and the magic. I so adored the cute little dog. I'm so glad that I had the chance to read this book early, thanks to a trade. I cannot wait to get my hardcover copy of this book too. It's simply stunning. You all need to buy this book too. Because it was so adorable and sad at times too. I pretty much loved all of it and I need you all to read this one too.

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