Saturday, August 17, 2019

In My Mailbox #406

Oops. Another week gone by already, and I have still not gotten anything done on my laptop. Ahh. So so very far behind on every single thing. Sigh. I'm working on it, though. Only managed to read one book this week, which took ages, as it was so bad, ahh. But my current reading list is the best, and I am so excited to read them all, eee :D Cannot wait. I took a new profile picture today, ack, going up shortly. I have been spending so much time with my family. Love taking my small daily walk; my health is not better, but I love my walks even so. I also got some very gorgeous mail this week, ahh :D I love it all so very much. Sigh. And getting the best box of trades next week, gosh. Cannot wait to share about all of it :D Only two new posts this week, ack. This week I'm waiting on The Magnificent Monsters of Cedar Street :D And shared my review of After the Flood :) Ack. Hope you are all doing well :D I'm doing pretty good; and I'm happy.

Sea Witch Rising. Oops. I haven't read book one yet. But now I have them both :D Hope they're good, lol.
House of Salt and Sorrows. I loved this book a whole bunch, eee. And oh my gosh, it's beyond gorgeous.
Furyborn. Oops. I couldn't stop myself from ordering the Spanish version, haha :D Think it's half the book.
DEV1AT3. The stunning international paperback finally arrived, yay :D So gorgeous. Must read this soon.
Legend. Ahhh! Look at that gorgeous little thing, eee :D I love it so. So small, so gorgeous. Great book :)
The Grace Year. EEE! Thank you so much lovely UK publisher for sending me this :D Can't wait to read.
Pop Figures. Ahh. My most precious The Little Mermaid pop figures are finally starting to arrive :D Love.

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