Saturday, August 3, 2019

In My Mailbox #404

Oops. This week I did not blog much at all. Ahh. And only got one book. But I'm okay with that :) I also only just started reading a book, halfway done. Been way too exhausted for anything. And too busy too, with summer and life and family. Hoping everything will be easier this coming week. I have so so so many books I need to read shortly. Ack. I'll try my hardest :) Anyway. I'm sort of doing good. My days are good, but my health still pretty much sucks. Ugh. I shall survive, though, ha. Only one blog post; this week I am waiting on The Kingdom of Back :) Currently less than a thousand page views away from hitting a million, eee. Hoping to reach it by next weekend :D Not much mail this week, but eee, got the most gorgeous pop figures. So much love. Hope you are all doing well :) I'm beyond exhausted, but I'm doing mostly okay :)

Gemina. I couldn't resist getting this new AUS paperback version too :D Must have them all, haha. Love.
Pop Figures. Ahh! Look at all these awesome ones :D And my Jaws sharks. They are so big. Love them.

More Instagram photos here. <3

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