Monday, September 19, 2016

Review: Nemesis by Anna Banks

So happy to have finally read this book. I adore Anna. And I have wanted to read this new book of hers for ages now. Eee. It just looks so awesome and sounds so good. I'm so happy to say that I liked it oh so much. It's a four star for me. The writing was just awesome and easy to read. The story was so incredible as well.

I shall try to share all my feelings about this book. But it already feels a bit difficult, lol. I just enjoyed this book a bunch. And the characters were all so interesting to read about. I loved that the book is written from the point of view of Tarik and Sepora, one chapter each. I simply loved Tarik the very most. He's the best.

The world that Anna has created in this book was just stunning. I loved reading about the different kingdoms and the people and how they all acted and such. I just, ah. I very much want a map of this world, lol. It would be awesome. But yeah. I loved reading this story. I loved this world. I loved how there are creatures in it too. Like huge cats. Those were awesome. And the water ones too. Shudders. They were awful yet so interesting to read about. And the flying dragon creatures. Eee. They have no feet. No claws. So interesting. They seemed pretty adorable. And I loved the things some of them could do. Yeah. I love when there are awesome creatures in books, lol. Sepora is sort of a creature too. Well, okay, not really. But she do have awesome powers.

I'm not going to describe things that happen in this book. Or how the people are living. Just. It is the story of Tarik and Sepora. Tarik is a king. His father just died of a new illness, that is now killing tons of other people. Sepora is a princess of another kingdom, and she is running away, because of her powers. And her father has been using her all her life. Sort of. I just really enjoyed reading about both these two main characters. I loved learning about their past. I loved reading about their adventures. It was a bunch of fun.

Until they met each other. Sigh. Though I must say that I ship them oh so much. But mostly I just want Tarik to be happy, and want Sepora to change who she is, haha. More on that later. But yeah. I did love reading about Tarik and Sepora together. I loved how he fell in love with her. He was too adorable. But oh. He has a younger brother, who wants Sepora too. It was not a triangle. But there is jealousy, and I didn't like that one bit. Aw. But even so, I did like his brother. Mostly. He was pretty interesting to know.

I'm not sure how to talk about this book. There is so much happening. And I just do not feel like talking about it at all, haha. So I'm not really going to. Just know that the plot is interesting and lots of fun to read about. Mostly I just adored Tarik. He is such an amazing person and an amazing king. And so sweet too. Sigh. I did like Sepora as well, in the beginning. Then she changed, and my feelings for her changed. I just hope she's better in book two. Fingers crossed. But anyway. There are a few awesome characters.

I'm not sure how to talk about this one part. The reason for why I didn't fully love the book. See, I had some issues with Sepora. While I loved her, I hated how she treated Tarik most of the time. She seems to think that he must obey her in everything, agree with everything she thinks. He is a king. He does not answer to her. He cannot. But she doesn't see that. And so she's angry with him all the time. And she talks to him the wrong way all the time. She pretends to be a servant. He is a king. She should be killed.

But she is not. And I cannot understand why at all. Sepora was mean towards Tarik so, so often. She speaked wrongfully to the king all the time. Tarik was the most amazing king. He cared for his people. He did everything for his people. And Sepora is punishing him for it. Saying he did it to hurt her, and blah blah blah. I'm upset about it. She does not deserve his love. Hmph. It isn't even better at the end of the book. It is worse. She betrays him. Time and again. Yet she acts like he betrayed her. I'm so bitter, tbh. 

Okay. I think I have talked just about enough about this book, lol. I was so angry with Sepora at times. But other times I really did love her. She was just really selfish. Sigh. Tarik was awesome, though, and so he made me really love the book. I cannot wait to read more about him. Eee. I am so excited for book two. I found Nemesis to be such an exciting book with a stunning world. I adored most of the characters. I really loved the story. And I simply cannot wait to read the next book. I really think you should all read this one.

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  1. I know you're a big fan of this author but sorry it wasn't as great a read as you expected. Looking forward to meeting the characters, though!


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