Friday, September 16, 2016

Review: The Crimson Skew by S. E. Grove

This final book was so exciting. I'm so happy that I decided to read this trilogy right now. I simply adored all three books. So much. They are all four stars for me, but that doesn't mean that I don't love them. Because I do. Theo and Sophia have such a special place in my heart now. Sigh. They are simply the bestest.

I shall try my best to share my feelings about this final book. But it might be a bit difficult. Because I loved it a whole bunch. But I was also a little bit disappointed by one thing. But for the most part this book was amazing. And I loved the ending. And I just don't feel like it is the end for these characters. Eee. Well, I hope.

And so I am crossing all my fingers that there will be new books about Sophia and Theo. I think there will be. It seemed like it at the end of the book. Despite this being only a trilogy. But yeah. I think there will be more. Oh gosh, I hope there will be more. Because I really need more. It would be so awesome. And I would read more books in a heartbeat. But anyway. Enough about that. The writing in this one is also gorgeous. Though the writing have been a bit difficult at times, which makes me think it might be harder for younger readers. Ack. But it is such an amazing story. Sigh. Amazing for all ages. I simply adore the covers for these books. They are so gorgeous. And fitting too. So sad that there weren't any art inside the book too, lol.

But there are maps in them all. And ahh. These maps are gorgeous. Having maps in books is the best. And these were just so awesome. I also loved that before each chapter there are things written by the characters, from books and such they have published. Mostly by Shadrack. It was interesting. Though I did have some trouble paying attention to them all, lol. But I did love reading them. There is just so much happening at all times. I won't mention it all. Mostly Sophia and Theo point of view, but there are others.

This story is for the most part about Sophia, and her adventure. But it is also about so much else. And about so many other characters too. Because Sophia meets so many on her travels. Which was just awesome. I loved getting to know so many new characters. In this book and the previous ones. Though, well, I mostly wanted to only read about Sophia and Theo, lol. But I did adore all the other characters too. Casanova was a big favorite in this one. He was just awesome and such an amazing friend. Loved him.

I'm not going to say much about the plot in this book. Just know that it is awesome. Mostly focused on the war that is happening, and how to stop that. But it is still about Sophia. And about her journey to find her missing parents. Sniffs. We finally get even more answers about that. Which was pretty heartbreaking and amazing to read about. I will also say that these books have been a lot about political things. With people in charge making wars for stupid reasons. But yeah, it was all really interesting to read about.

The villain in these last two books was a bit different. I didn't really fear him at all. Mostly I just disliked him, lol. And I wanted him murdered. Hmph. My wish did not come true. How rude. I just really didn't like reading about this man. And learning about his past. I felt like maybe he could have been a bit more awful, as I felt like the ending with him was pretty tame. Yet still good. But yeah. I wanted this person to suffer, because of how he treated Theo when he was younger. And it hurts me that he did not suffer.

I can't help but mention something. Aw. The reason for why I didn't fully love this book, was because Theo and Sophia were apart for most of it. Sigh. Just like in book two. And I feel a bit bitter about it. I wanted to read about them together. I wanted their friendship to grow into something more. But I did not get that. Not at all. Sigh. They are together for a bit in this one, and I did love those moments the very most. But I feel like this book ended without making their relationship clear. And I'm not okay with that.

So yeah. I really need an answer to that. Which is why I really want more books about these precious characters, lol. Because oh. I ship Sophia and Theo the very most. Aw. They are just the bestest of friends. And I love how they fit together. Though there are no romance between them in this book, I did feel that there were a few hints about it. But I need to know for sure. Sniffs. Because this other girl in book two seemed to have started to fall for him. Hmph. Do not approve. That makes me worry too much, haha.

Anyway. I'm not going to say much more. I loved this book. I loved this story oh so much. I felt like the ending was pretty awesome, but I need more. There is room for more. I loved reading about what Sophia and what Theo were doing at all times, and how it all ended. The Crimson Skew was such an exciting book. And I loved reading it a whole bunch. The adventure was just the most fun. I loved getting to read about so many new things. I just. Yeah. I'm so glad I read this trilogy. These books are simply amazing.


  1. Four starts is a pretty good indication that you loved it. :)

  2. I agree, sophia and theo is my OTP ship. They should have gotten together, I cannot fathom how sad I was to have their relationship be just friends. It SUCKED, and though this series is my absolute favorite (its just AMAZING), it was an unsatisfying end for me since they didn't get together... sob.


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