Monday, September 12, 2016

Review: The Golden Specific by S. E. Grove

Finally got to read this gorgeous second book in this trilogy. I'm so happy to say that I liked it oh so much. For the most part I loved it. But I had one issue. So I'm giving this book four stars. But gosh, it was pretty amazing. So glad I managed to read this one, finally. Like book one, writing is so gorgeous and amazing.

The characters are just written so well and they are all so much fun to get to know. Though there are a bunch of new ones in this book. But yeah. I did love getting to know them all. Sort of. Mostly I just loved reading about Sophia and Theo, and wanted to read more about them, all the time. But I liked the others too.

I feel like I must mention that the reason for why I didn't fully love this book was because Sophia and Theo are not together for just about all of it. Sigh. The share this one gorgeous hug. But then they are apart for the rest of the book. Sobs. Made me so sad. Because they were amazing to read about together in book one. And I have heard that they aren't together for most of book three too, and that just stresses me out. Hmph. But still. I'm so excited for it. But yeah. It was pretty upsetting that they weren't with each other in this book. Aw. Because they are the greatest of friends. And I wanted to read more about them being together. And growing closer too. Hmph. But even though this made me so sad, I still really loved reading the book.

I'm unsure about what I wish to share about this book. It is so long. And took me some time to finish. But that was a good thing. Because so much happen. And it is all so exciting. Eee. I just, yeah, I wish Sophia and Theo were together in this one. Hmph. But one good thing about them not being together is that we get both their point of views. Eee. Which was just the most awesome thing. I loved reading about Theo. I loved learning new things about him. I just really need Sophia to know those things about him too. Gah.

Most of this book is told from Sophia and Theo. But is it written in a different way too, and a little bit from other characters as well. I liked that. Though I did prefer Sophia and Theo. There are also a few pages of a diary from years back, written by Sophia's mother before she went missing. And gosh. Those pages were so interesting to read. Though the writing was a bit worse. But so interesting. I was dying to know what would happen to that couple. Sniffs. And yeah. I got to know all of it. So heartbreaking and exciting.

I'm not sure how to describe the plot in this book. Because there is so much of it. It takes place a year after book one. And so Sophia is now fourteen years old. I'm still unsure how old Theo is, because it has never been mentioned. But he is supposed to be a few years older than her. I think. Most likely. Anyway, though. These two characters are simply the best. Sophia is just amazing. And getting to know her more is the best. Sigh. She's so kind and so smart. And Theo. My love. So many secrets. And I loved them all.

But yeah. This book is also a bit sad. Because some heartbreaking things happens. Not much death, though, so that was a plus, lol. But other things were so sad. Like learning Theo's past. It was so exciting to know more about him. And I need to know even more. But it was also pretty awful to read about. My poor boy. Sigh. He is my favorite. Aw. Another sad part was learning what happened to Sophia's parents. Because we do learn that. Well, most of it. And oh gosh. It was pretty awful and interesting and I loved it.

With all those new characters, I have to mention a few of them. Theo gets to know a little boy, Winnie. He was so adorable. But Theo also gets to know a girl. Hmph. Nettie. I'm unsure about her. I ship Sophia and Theo more than anything. If this girl messes that up, I'm going to be so upset. Sigh. She would be such an amazing friend, though, cause she's awesome. Sophia also meets new people. Like Errol. He was pretty awesome. And Goldenrod. She was so sweet too. And I really did love getting to know all of them.

I think that is all I wish to share about this one. It is full of adventure. Sophia travels a bunch, and sees so many new and scary places. I loved it. Theo stays at home, doing so many interesting and dangerous things. Ack. That ending was so mean. I'm so nervous and excited for book two. I also just love how gorgeous this cover is. I just wish the jacket cover had been made like the hardcover of book one, lol, because that one was so unique and gorgeous. Aw. Oh, well. This cover art is still beyond gorgeous.


  1. Oh, that's too bad. But it still sounds like you enjoyed it a lot, so that's okay.

  2. So glad you enjoyed the book, though sorry the characters were apart for most of the book. At least they had that nice hug though! Great review ^_^

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles


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