Thursday, September 8, 2016

Book Recommendation: The Glass Sentence by S. E. Grove

I finally managed to re-read this book. Eee. And I'm so glad I did so. I read it for the first time over two years ago. I liked it a lot back then; and rated it four stars. But gosh. I had forgotten so much since then. Ahh. I didn't realize I had forgotten almost all of the book. Which doesn't really make sense. Hmph. Because this book is awesome and exciting and so much fun to read. It is still a four star for me, but gosh, I adored this book so much. I found the writing to be all kinds of gorgeous and amazing. Loved it.

I don't think I will have all that much to say about this book this time. I just feel like it is so awesome that there is nothing I can say that will be good enough, lol. But I shall try. Because I really liked this book a whole bunch. And I'm so glad I finally re-read it. Though it did take me some days. But worth it. This book never bored me. I was always excited about reading it, about knowing what would happen next. Despite having read it before, lol, because I found that I didn't remember many of the details. Hmph. Only a few.

This book is just all kinds of exciting. It is a fantasy world. With a whole bunch of Ages, a whole bunch of places set in different times. It is possible to travel to them all. And gosh, it was so interesting to read about. A bit confusing at times, but still exciting. I loved reading about all the different Ages. There are also a whole bunch of maps. Made in different ways. Such fun ways to read them too. I loved reading about all of that. This book is also full of adventure. And danger. Which I simply adore. It's so much fun.

This book is mostly told from the point of view of Sophia. Whom I am pretty sure is thirteen years old. Her parents went missing when she was three. I'm very sure it was mentioned often that it was ten years ago. But then I just read the summary of book two, and it says they went missing eight years ago? Ugh. I hope not, because Sophia is just not eleven years old. Hmph. Probably a writing mistake, lol, but also a bit annoying. But aaanyway. Sophia is the most amazing girl. And I loved getting to know her so, so much.

There is just so much to get to know about Sophia. Like how she can't keep time. It was so amazing and heartbreaking too. I loved reading about it. Gosh. So different. And exciting. I loved that she lives with her uncle, whom was awesome. I love how she is waiting for her parents to come home. Aw. I just hope they will too. But yeah. Sophia is all kinds of amazing. And I love that this is her story. I simply cannot wait to get to know her even more. Yay. I found her to be so sweet and kind and loving. She's just the greatest.

There are so many characters in this precious book. And I loved reading about all of them. Ah. Even the bad ones. Shudders. I grew to care for Blanca. I think. Maybe. She was an interesting villain, though. But shudders. I hated what she had done to the Sandmen. How she made them. It was the worst thing. Ahh. But so exciting to read about even so. Ack. I wish for there to be a way to undo it. Fingers crossed. But I doubt it. Sad face. But yeah. Blanca and the Sandmen were pretty interesting to read about. Yet creepy.

Then there were Theo. I loved this boy. So much. I love how he and Sophie meet. How they become friends, though with some issues. It was so exciting to read about. Eee. And I love that there are small hints that it might turn into a romance. Gosh, I hope so. It would be so amazing. Sigh. Theo and Sophia are both amazing. And I loved reading about them both so much. Anyway. There were a bunch of other amazing characters too. Like the pirates. They were all so much fun to read about. Simply adored them.

Gosh. There is so much I wish to mention about this book. I thought I wouldn't write all that much, lol. But I just couldn't help myself. This book is amazing. I adored it oh so much. And so glad I finally got to read it again. Yay. There is just so much amazing happening at all times. There are some amazing creatures in this book. Like the Lachrima. They were beyond awful to read about. But the more I learned about them, the sadder I got. Because the story of those creatures were just all kinds of heartbreaking to know. Ack.

I am once again giving this book four stars. Not because I didn't love it. Because I did. But because I didn't love it that much. I had a few issues. But I'm okay with that. Because this book was still awesome. And I feel that I might enjoy the next two books even more. Eee. I'm so excited to finally get to read them. Sigh. I just. Yeah. I hope for some romance, lol. But either way, I cannot wait. If you still haven't read this stunning middle grade fantasy book, then you really must get started. It is such a good adventure. Eee.


  1. I so envy your enthusiasm for fantasy novels. I wish I can get with them too.

  2. I need to read this one. I've had it on my shelf since it came out (for shame!) Its probably one my hubby would like, too. Soon, my pretty! LOL

  3. It is fun when you can reread a book and love it again. Sounds like a great read. Loved your review. Thanks for sharing. :)


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