Saturday, September 10, 2016

In My Mailbox #254

This week haven't been the best. Sigh. My health have just been awful. Plus I'm having some sort of cold. With my nose being goddamn awful. Hmph. Oh, well. Hospital next week again for more medicine, so fingers crossed that will make me better. I doubt it, though, because it hasn't made me feel better for so long. Hmph. But anyway. Despite all of that. I had a good week :D The roadtrip I had last weekend was awesome. I bought a whole bunch of things that I drink every day, lol. This week I also got a bunch of gorgeous mail. Which I love very much. Yesss. I only managed to read one book.. but that was because of my awful health. Hoping it will approve. Gah. I have much more I'm planning on reading shortly. I blogged a little bit too. Though not all that much. Aw. This week I'm waiting on Going Wild :D I posted my book recommendation of The Glass Sentence :) My Book Collection this week is books by Jay Kristoff :D Ahh. Anyway. I'm starting the sequel to The Glass Sentence in a moment, and I'm so hoping that I will love it :) Fingers crossed. ALSO! This week I booked a one week trip to CHICAGO the first week of February :D AHHH! I cannot wait :D I'm so excited. Shopping. Good hotel. Awesome food. I just hope it will be awesome, lol. Do any of you live in Chicago? Or know of anything fun to do there? :) I'm excited.

Frozen. I couldn't resist buying this gorgeous new Frozen book. Because Kristoff is all kinds of adorable.
How To Train Your Dragon. These too. I just can't help myself. I want to own them all. These are sweet.
The Blacklist. I adore this show. This is season three. And I cannot wait for the new one to begin shortly.
The Jungle Book. Ack, I loved this movie. And I'm so excited to finally be able to re-watch it soonish :D
Captain America: Civil War. Sigh. I love Marvel movies. And this one is awesome. T Iron Man, always.
Bright Smoke, Cold Fire + Spare and Found Parts. Eee! Thank you so much HarperCollins International :D I'm pretty curious about both of these books. So gorgeous. I'm just really hoping that I'll love them :)
Walk on Earth a Stranger. Gorgeous paperback edition of this amazing book. I love this book so much.
Pets Plush. My collection is growing, lol. This movie was just so cute. And these TY plushes are perfect.
Carry On swag. Eee! Thank you so much for trading with me Eveline :) I adore this swag oh so much.

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  1. All the best the coming week, Carina. Happy reading

  2. Ohh I want to read Bright Smoke. Lucky girl. :) Happy reading!

  3. Hope you feel better soon ☺ A lot of great stuff you have ☺ I love Carry on.

  4. I'm sorry your health has been bothering you. I know what that can be like. :( I don't live in Chicago, but I have visited a few times. For restaurants, we like Purple Pig, Girl & the Goat, and randomly, the Rick Bayless Frontera Fresco restaurant in the Macy's food court! The museums are fantastic in Chicago, our favorite is The Field Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Science Industry. The American Girl store is fun for any age. :)

  5. Such cute Pets and Dragon stuff! Im really excited for Spare and Found Parts, too. Hope we both enjoy it!!

  6. Awww, I'm not in Chicago, but that is SO cool! I just read Bright Smoke, Cold Fire last week... meh. I hope you like it more than I did. :D The Carry On swag is great, I'm glad you got them.

    I hope you enjoy all of your new books! Have a fantastic week, Carina. =)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  7. I'm sorry that you've been having health problems <3 At least you got lots of awesome bookmail! Thank you for sharing ^_^

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles


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