Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Review: Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

I finally had the chance to read this precious book. I know, I know, it has only been a couple of weeks since it released. But I should have read it back then. Hmph. I was nervous, because I don't want these books to be over. Sniffs. I'm the biggest fan of this world. Of these characters. Of this author. Of everything.

This collection of short stories from the Lunar Chronicles world was everything I wanted it to be. Such perfection. The writing is all kinds of gorgeous, like with all the books by Marissa. I had read a few of these stories before, but most were new. And I loved reading and re-reading all of them. Was also so much fun.

I am the biggest fan of the Lunar Chronicles books. Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Fairest and Winter were all perfection. I re-read them just this November, but while reading Stars Above I got such a huge need to re-read them all again, right away. Ahh. I don't have time for that. But I will be re-reading them all in a few months, I think, and I cannot wait. Because these books are truly the best. I love how all the characters fit together. I love the friendships. And all the different romances. Eee. And the story is simply so amazing. These books have been the best. I'm so glad Marissa wrote Stars Above. And that it got published so fast after Winter. Especially love that epilogue. Sigh. All the love. I shall now say a little of each story in this book.

The Keeper. This story was so interesting. I loved reading about how Michelle, Scarlet's grandma, ended up keeping Cinder hidden. I adored this story. But it was also so sad, because we get to meet Logan, her once lover. I hated that they hadn't gotten to be together all those years ago. But I also understood it so well. But still. He didn't know about Scarlet or her dad. Which was heartbreaking. Sad face. But anyway. I adored Michelle. And young Scarlet too, so much. Their relationship was the best. Makes me so sad now.

Glitches. This was a story I had already read before. But re-reading it was so amazing. It shows when Cinder first arrived at her new family, age eleven. It was heartbreaking too. Garan seemed like he could have been such a nice dad to her. But he, of course, had to go off and die. Ugh. Still bitter about that, lol. Because it made it so that Adri and Pearl was so cruel to Cinder. Sad face. I loved reading this story again. Because Cinder and Iko are adorable. And Peony. I loved that young girl so much. Heartbreaking.

The Queen's Army. Another story I had read before. But loved reading it again. So much. This is the story about how Wolf ended up being a special soldier for Levana. And oh, it is such a sad story. And so heartbreaking. And mean. Yet I love it so much. Wolf's real name is Ze'ev. Which is pretty awesome. We see a bit about his parents, whom seemed awesome. I really don't like his younger brother, though. Oh, this story. So mean. How they changed the way he looks. It was not okay. And so much fighting. Ahh.

Carswell's Guide to Being Lucky. First time reading. And I should have read it earlier. It was just so good. Carswell Thorne is the most adorable thirteen year old boy in this story. Well, he isn't the very nicest boy, but I liked him so much. I adored his sort of crush on Kate Fallow. I loved getting to know him more. Oh, this boy is amazing. And oh my god. There is a Carina in this one! Eeee :D It made me the most happiest. Never any characters with my name. Eeek. Thank you Marissa. <3 I loved this. So much.

After Sunshine Passes By. This story was so stunning. And evil. And heartbreaking. I loved getting to know nine year old Cress. Whom is just the sweetest child. But oh, it broke my heart to learn how she ended up locked in that satellite alone for all those years. She was sort of tricked by Sybil. Which was the meanest. Especially as she had friends among the other shells. It hurt my heart a lot. Cress is just the sweetest girl. And I want all the best for her. I also still hate Sybil. She is an evil woman. Shudders.

The Princess and the Guard. I adored this story so much. It was also the most heartbreaking one, I think. Getting to read more about Winter and Jacin was so amazing. I adore them both so much. They were so cute when they were younger, though they still are. We get to know when Winter falls in love. We get to see when and how she got those scars on her face. Shudders. It was awful. We get to fully know why she stopped using her gift. It was pretty sad. Winter and Jacin has the very best friendship.

The Little Android. I had read this one before too. And oh. I think I loved it more this second time I read it. It is based on the original The Little Mermaid, and so it is heartbreaking. It is the story of an android, Mech6.0. I liked this android so much. She's different. Like Iko. And she's in love with a boy. Whom is in love with someone else. Mech6.0 gets a different android body to get closer to him, and it is so painful for her. Oh. This story was amazingly done yet so heartbreaking. I did like the ending. Mostly.

The Mechanic. Eee, this short story was incredible. Oh, how I love Kai. He is the cutest. My favorite character in this series. Which I sometimes feel alone in feeling. Hmph. But he is the best. And I love him the most. And reading about his first meeting with Cinder, from his point of view, was the best. He's so cute. And I loved how he was crushing on her from the beginning. I loved reading his thoughts on things too. Just, so in love with this boy. And this story. Ahh. I just. I want more of everything. Always.

Something Old, Something New. The epilogue to Winter. I cannot. It was everything. So beautiful. Too short, lol, yet so perfect. There is a wedding. Not the one I wanted the most, but my second wish. And it was all kinds of beautiful. This story takes place two years after Winter. It is told from Cinder's point of view. It was perfection. These characters are the best. I loved seeing them all again. All the love. And oh my gosh, romance between Cinder and Kai is still the best thing in the world. Sniffs. I need more. <3

Heartless Chapters. There were only two short chapters from Heartless at the end of this book. But oh my gosh, they were amazing. Truly. And I loved reading them so much. But it was also a bit bittersweet, because I want this book so badly, and it isn't out until November. Ugh. And I know there are ARCs out there. And I know I won't be getting one. And it is breaking my heart a little. Because I am in love with Catherine already, and I need to know what happens next. I know this book will be all kinds of amazing.

I have now written so much about this book. But I couldn't not write it all. Stars Above was everything I wanted it to be. Such stunning short stories. Such perfect writing. And these characters are my favorite. I adore Marissa so much. And I cannot wait to read her upcoming books. I just, oh. I wish there would be more stories after this epilogue. More Cinder and Kai. I'm wishing for it. And hoping it will happen one day. You must all read this. After Winter. It is the most perfect book. All the stars for all the stories. <3


  1. So happy for you that you got to read this collection of stories. I am so glad you enjoyed them so much. I have had The Lunar Chronicles on my list for FOREVER. I am excited to get to them and find out what everyone has been raving about. :)

  2. Awesome lengthy review, Carina! I know, I know it's sad to think about the series being over, but just think: we still have the newly announced graphic novel to look forward to! And oh, Heartless!! Soooo excited :D So happy you loved the sneak peak for that one too!

  3. I keep forgetting to pick up a copy of this compilation! Thanks for reminding me!

  4. At some point, I will finish this series and read this anthology! I especially want a shiny hardcover of this book. :D I'm glad you loved this book, Carina! Wonderful review. :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!


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