Saturday, February 27, 2016

In My Mailbox #226

I had a good week. Still thinking about The Winner's Kiss, which I got to read last week. <3 Sigh. So good. This week I only got to read two books, but that's okay :D Because both books were five stars. So much love. I'm going to start The Darkest Corners today, and I am so excited. I hope I will love it lots :) I also got so much mail this week. Lots and lots of pre-orders. So much love. I blogged a lot too, which is awesome. Posts this week. I shared the awesome cover for Three Dark Crowns. <3 I read Stars Above :D Which was awesome. This week I'm waiting on The Passion of Dolssa. <3 Then I shared the stunning cover for Crooked Kingdom :D And then I read The Forbidden Wish. <3 What did you get this week? :)

A Gathering of Shadows. Oh, the gorgeous. I must re-read book one soon. I cannot wait to read this :)
The Shadow Queen. US and UK covers are both so, so pretty. I loved this book lots. It is so awesome.
Carry On. YAY! This book is a big favorite of mine. And this new UK edition is oh so pretty. I love it.
The Forbidden Wish. Finally got this precious. I loved it so much. It is gorgeous and such a good book.
The Last Place on Earth. I pre-ordered this one because I am so curious about it. Please let it be good :)
Cinder. Ah, this Italian version is so pretty :D On sale on bookdepo, had to buy it. But.. looks a bit used?
The Thickety: Well of Witches. I loved this book so much all those months ago. Finished copy is perfect.
The Steep and Thorny Way ARC. Eee :D Thank you UK Abrams. <3 Means the most. I LOVED this one.
How To Train Your Dragon. These Dragons books are so cute. I couldn't help but buy them. Adore them.
Blood and Salt Swag. Oh, thank you so, so much Kim. <3 You are the kindest :D Eee. I love this swag.
Wedding Katniss. Yay! She's so cute. Head a bit wrong, yet still gorgeous. Waiting on my Peeta to arrive.
The Maze Runner Prize Pack. Won from an Norwegian publisher on Instagram :D Three Norwegian books and the second movie. I haven't read the books, or seen the movies, but I'm seeing them very soonish :)

More Instagram photos here. <3


  1. I'll wait for your review of Last Place on Earth. I'm curious about it, too. :)

    Happy reading, C!

  2. Wooooo, you had an amazing book haul this week! I adored The Forbidden Wish (checking out your review after this comment!). I hope you enjoy all of your new books, Carina!

    Have a lovely weekend. :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  3. I'm definitely curious about Last Place on Earth also! Ah, I love the pretty foreign copies of Cinder (I love the spanish editions!). Ah YAY you got a copy of Steep and Thorny Way! Cat Winters is absolutely one of my favorite authors. I can't wait to start that one. The snowy scene is so pretty, Carina! Snow always looks so magical to me, but of course I'm a California Girl so I don't know the inconveniences of it, just now it looks pretty! :D Have a great week, my dear!

  4. I have Czech version of Cinder with this cover and I´ve never really like it :D Original cover is so much prettier :3

  5. blood and salt sounds good, hope that you enjoy and have a great week.

  6. Yay for all the pretties! I got my AGOS too, and it's so preeetty! Gotta read it soon. :) I really like the cover for The Forbidden Wish, but I'm pretty partial to the original. I don't get why they redid it!


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