Monday, September 8, 2014

Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff

This was the third time I read Stormdancer. As, you know, it takes a whole year between sequels. And my memory fails me. But that's okay. Because this re-read was pretty awesome. And I'm glad I read this book again, because I feel like I had forgotten much. And I need to be ready for Endsinger. Yesss. Will re-read Kinslayer next. <3 Which I'm beyond excited about, but also nervous. Because I remember how much it broke me a year ago. I remember how heartbreaking it is. But also how very good it is as well.

I'm not sure how to talk about my love for Stormdancer. And I won't talk too much about it, so this post won't be all that long. Just wanted to share with you all how much I love this book. And that you all need to start this series. <3 The writing is stunning. Though there are a lot of words, and it takes forever to read it, it is worth it. Because the story is beautiful. But beyond heartbreaking. There is so much heartbreak and sadness and betrayals and death. It is all kinds of amazing. I just adore this book.

There is so much I could say about this book. But I won't. I will say a few short things. Like how amazing Yukiko is. She is just sixteen years old yet so brave and strong. My heart broke for her all the time. Her twin brother, that died eight years ago. Her mother, gone. Her father, a drunk. Ah. Her father. I hated him. Yet I loved him too. He does so many stupid things. Yet he do it all out of love for Yukiko. And he has lost so much. So yeah. I cannot fully hate him. Sigh. And his friends were pretty awesome too.

The part I loved the most in this book was Buruu. A thunder tiger. And oh. He was perfect. Fierce. Angry. Beautiful. I couldn't help but love him. And love his relationship with Yukiko, how it grew from hate to love. So amazing to read about. Sigh. But oh. There are so many things happening in this book. It is all so heartbreaking. Yet so honest and real and all kinds of perfect. I love this series. Yet I hate it too, because it ruins my heart. But I'm okay with that. Because yeah. It's awesome. But so horrible too.

Though my love for Stormdancer is huge, I also have a little bit of anger in my heart. I had forgotten a bit how much Yukiko hurt Kin. How she sort of plays with his feelings. And I don't approve of that at all. It broke my heart. Because I love Kin. So much. And I adore Yukiko as well. I just thought she could have handled it better. Which she didn't. Grrr. And then the ending. This is a spoiler. She left him. I can't. That will bother me so much in Kinslayer as well. Sobs. I just. So much heartbreak. Yet so good too.

Oh. And there is romance in this book. I mustn't forget to mention that. Though I did not like the romance. I did not approve of Hiro. Or how close Yukiko were to him. I did not like him. Hmph. And I loved Kin. Sob. Whom Yukiko does not love. But who loves her. And oh. It breaks my heart a little. Okay, sure, it may never be anything between Yukiko and Kin. But I want it. I want it so much. Because Kin is so sweet and kind. He deserves to get what he wants. And they would be so sweet together. <3 Sniffs.

"There is nothing in this world I would not do for you, Yukiko."

There is so much I want to say. But I will not. I cannot. You all just need to read this book. Right away. If you haven't read it already. <3 Stormdancer is a stunning fantasy book. And I'm so glad to have read it so many times, hih. I will be starting Kinslayer in a moment, though if my heart can take it again, I do not know. Still. I am excited. Anyway. This book is awesome as is the author, Jay. He's pretty cool too. And omg. The covers. They are the most beautiful. I love them to death. They are all very stunning.


  1. Still haven't read these books yet…and you've pretty much said it over and over again how wonderful they are. Ugh. I need to quit my job just so I could read some books I'm missing out on.

  2. I actually tried reading Stormdancer but couldn't get past page 20… kind of sad I know :( though you make it sound so good!!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  3. I haven't read this series - I probably won't, but I so love your enthusiasm! Glad you love the books so much :D

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  4. The first book is currently on-hold, because I couldn't get into it, but you review definitely makes me want to pick it up again soon!

  5. These covers seriously are gorgeous! I had this one for review back when it came out, but I couldn't really get into it when I went to pick it up. I'm hoping, though, once Endsinger is out I'll try again and get into them! I know how many people love them. :)


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